Oracal 651 or 631?

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I would like some advice on whether to use 631 or 651 (matte white) for an indoor wall (painted at least 120 days ago).

The job is big, and it will be all matte vinyl. I was wondering how well the 631 will hold up. I've used it in the past, and seen it peel up. I could have had a bad roll.

Does any have experience with both, and can help?


Thank you.

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631 is considered removable wall vinyl. It is a matte finish and has a low tack so that it can be removed from drywall without causing damage. 651, does come in matte, but most colors are gloss. It has a higher tack, have never tried, but I don't believe it could be removed from drywall without causing damage to the drywall.

The type of paint can have an impact on how well vinyl will stick. Stain resistant or easy clean paint can some times be hard to get vinyl to stick. If that turns out to be the case, scuffing the wall where the vinyl will hang can help get the vinyl to stick.

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