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I have searched this thread for 2 days now, so sorry if I am not wording it correctly.  I know Vinylmaster has all the different brands of vinyl colors, but I need to get the siser glitter colors into it for mock ups.  How can I do this?  AND thank you all so much in advance!

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Ok, after watch all this, I have been wording it the way my other software used.  In Vinylmaster pro when I go to Objects> Inset an Image fill, and I select the siser glitter color that I need and it fills the object.   Is there a way to save these "textures/glitter colors into the software so I do not have to insert every time? Like into a palette.  I understand I can change colors and create my own palette, but I need to get the glitter colors from outside of the software into the software permanetly like you can in Coreldrawl.  Thanks for all your help! 

(I mainly do cheer groups so there is a lot of glitter vinyl involved)
Thanks Mindy

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