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'55 Ford Pickup Mirror

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Here is a mirror I did for a friend.  Her dad built this truck years ago and still has it.  Was featured in Truckin' magazine in 1986.  The first picture is what I had to work with.  The second one is after I blasted it and the third one is the completed mirror.  I thought I could have done a better job but she thought it was great (her impression is the one that counts, of course).  Was blasted from the back on an 11"x14" mirror.  Her dad lives in Missouri and the title of the magazine article was Mo Flames.







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Guest Schramm

Great job!

I want to help you out a little, not that you did anything wrong as it looks great.

When doing toned flames, start with the darkest color from the left (red) and when you get to the end of the solid area of red mist into the area you want the next color while the other one is wet and the same thing all the way to the lightest color.  I like to take it even farther by allowing it to dry overnight and then apply shellac followed by size for leafing and apply aluminum foil to protect it and then back it.  You will be shocked how real it looks when you do it like that.  If you look at the trucks flames you will see what I am talking about in the positive sense but you have to think as you know in reverse which requires starting with the darkest colors so the others do not bleed through.

Email me if you have questions on projects as I love seeing this kinds of stuff....


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nice job! what paint did you use? is it airbrushed?

Yes, it was airbrushed.  I used Createx Wicked colors.

I appreciate all of the comments.

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