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Projects over the years

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Hey everyone Ive been viewing the forum for about a year now thought id add some of the stuff Ive done.. Most of this work was done when I was 18 so be nice, Im 20 now with a 24" cutter trying to make some money for school. Sorry I dont have more pictures of actual Vinyl work, but ive done cars, trucks, fridges, pong tables, baggo boards, business windows, random stuff for the ski resort, and just a bunch of random stuff. Please comment and let me know what you think, Thanks

HD Design


width=800 height=572[/img]

width=800 height=296[/img]

width=777 height=600[/img]

A photograph found at my grandparents of my Great uncle back in the day, Used to be all b&w added a little color to match the description my grandpa gave me


Bored in class one day decided to draw a 56 ford with nothing but straight lines (thats why the tires suck ha)


A mix of a colorado truck and a Caddi



width=800 height=533[/img]

width=800 height=533[/img]

width=800 height=525[/img] was charging 15$ for that... took me three minutes haha



width=400 height=600[/img]

width=800 height=533[/img]

width=800 height=533[/img]

width=800 height=533[/img]

width=800 height=533[/img]

thanks again everyone

More Photos at this Link

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