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  1. For a few months I've been having issues with my graphtec fc7000 -75. I cannot go past the loading media prompt so I thought the cam senser was broken. I was told the cam sensor were not available anymore by Graphtec . I did my homework and was able to track a new one down,but unfortunately it didn't work and so now I was told that it could be the main board. I don't have much money but I know I can sell a couple of stuff to try to get this thing fixed if possible. My question is do you guys know where I can get my main board repaired if not buy a new one? I saw one on eBay from China but they want $1,200 for it and I think it's too much to risk and also I don't have that kind of money. Is there a model number for a main board that maybe I can track down like I did the cam sensor? I appreciate you guys time and God bless you!
  2. I think my cutter is broke

    **update***Well I was able to order the part from the main company in Japan . Cost me $ 115.00 for shipping and wire transfer . Part costed $15.00 . Going to put the part today so wish me luck .
  3. I think my cutter is broke

    Working on it but it's only have in Asia and I can't understand it .
  4. I think my cutter is broke

    500052478 cam Sensor, LG-217D-3 is the part number but no luck.
  5. I think my cutter is broke

    No I'm in California ,but I did see that on eBay. :/ Thank you thank you.
  6. I think my cutter is broke

    I checked and it don't have one ,but I messaged Graphtec of America to see of they can provide one .
  7. I think my cutter is broke

    I found it it was the cam sensor. We took it apart and found out it was chipped from a corner. I called Graphtec of America and they said they no longer carrie a discontinued part. All it needs is this small sensor 'but now I'm out of luck.:/ Thanks everyone . Love this forum .
  8. Today I tried cutting something and I loaded media and the liver didn't respond on my graphtec FC 70O0-75 I opened it up and cleaned the sensor in hopes of it responding but no luck . Is this machine done or is it still fixable ?
  9. Do you know what version of illustrator is besr?