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  1. DNA_Vinyl

    Just begining...

    My brother and I are looking into making T-Shirts. I have questions. I hoping there's there already a thread somewhere that you all can point me to. What's some good pointers for a start-up? Like temperatures for pressing the HTV on...or what type of shirt is good?(100% cotton, or Polyester blend) Stuff like that. I already have a cutter I've been making decals for a white now so. I think I'm good there. Unless...do I need different blades for HTV? I'm starting to look at all the different heat presses now. Thanks for any input.
  2. DNA_Vinyl

    I designed this logo...

    THANK YOU!!!!
  3. DNA_Vinyl

    I designed this logo...

    I designed this logo for my brother’s band some years ago and I can't for the life of me figure out what font I used. It's doctored up in Photoshop but...any help is appreciated.
  4. DNA_Vinyl

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Oooohhh myyyy goooodddd!! That is perfect!!! THANK YOU!
  5. I've tried to do this or about an hour now and I can't get it right. Can someone lend their skills please? I'm trying to single out the person in this picture with enough detail so it can be a nice etch on a square glass block. Thank you than k you thank you!
  6. DNA_Vinyl

    Corel Draw convert...

    Can someone convert a Corel Draw file to a vector for me? Unless you know another way.
  7. DNA_Vinyl

    fastfood logo

    More than likely. Check out the documentary Food Inc.
  8. DNA_Vinyl

    Logo design feedback

    I like the middle & bottom right ones.
  9. DNA_Vinyl

    My first two projects

    Nice. I want to do a truck but...I don't advertise...ha! Welcome!
  10. that's awesome. nicely done.
  11. DNA_Vinyl

    Heavy Equipment Machines

    right on. \m/
  12. DNA_Vinyl

    Cuttig problem.

    omg...IT DOES!!! I'll have to try it when I get home...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a chance I unchecked that. THANK YOU!!
  13. DNA_Vinyl

    Cuttig problem.

    This is kind of hard to explain. I poked around the forum a bit trying to see if anyone had the same problem but I didn’t see anything really. Ok…my problem. My cutter doesn’t completely finish the cut. It leaves behind a small connection from where it starts to where it ends so when I weed it, it snags a little. I changed the blade but the same thing happens. It’s a very VERY slight left over piece. It normally just rips apart but sometimes it leave behind a jagged mark on an otherwise clean cut.
  14. DNA_Vinyl

    Heavy Equipment Machines

    Thanks for the excellent response goose.