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  1. DNA_Vinyl

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    Oooohhh myyyy goooodddd!! That is perfect!!! THANK YOU!
  2. I've tried to do this or about an hour now and I can't get it right. Can someone lend their skills please? I'm trying to single out the person in this picture with enough detail so it can be a nice etch on a square glass block. Thank you than k you thank you!
  3. DNA_Vinyl

    Corel Draw convert...

    Can someone convert a Corel Draw file to a vector for me? Unless you know another way.
  4. DNA_Vinyl

    fastfood logo

    More than likely. Check out the documentary Food Inc.
  5. DNA_Vinyl

    Logo design feedback

    I like the middle & bottom right ones.
  6. DNA_Vinyl

    My first two projects

    Nice. I want to do a truck but...I don't advertise...ha! Welcome!
  7. that's awesome. nicely done.
  8. DNA_Vinyl

    Heavy Equipment Machines

    right on. \m/
  9. DNA_Vinyl

    Cuttig problem.

    omg...IT DOES!!! I'll have to try it when I get home...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a chance I unchecked that. THANK YOU!!
  10. DNA_Vinyl

    Cuttig problem.

    This is kind of hard to explain. I poked around the forum a bit trying to see if anyone had the same problem but I didn’t see anything really. Ok…my problem. My cutter doesn’t completely finish the cut. It leaves behind a small connection from where it starts to where it ends so when I weed it, it snags a little. I changed the blade but the same thing happens. It’s a very VERY slight left over piece. It normally just rips apart but sometimes it leave behind a jagged mark on an otherwise clean cut.
  11. DNA_Vinyl

    Heavy Equipment Machines

    Thanks for the excellent response goose.
  12. DNA_Vinyl

    Heavy Equipment Machines

    Has anyone done any Heavy Equipment anything? If so...How did you get it clean enough? I mean they are dirty dirty DIRTY! Mud, grease, oil.... Any tips!!
  13. DNA_Vinyl

    Maintenance question

    So I've never maintained my cutter, I've never had a problem either (knock on wood). So...what do you guys/gals do to maintain you cutters? Full oil change & lube? Change out the belt?
  14. DNA_Vinyl

    difference between 45 and 60 degree blades

    I know this is way after the fact but anything helps I guess... I found this from Roland.com http://support.rolanddga.com/docs/documents/departments/technical services/downloads/ra_cutter blade knowledge.pdf Blade Angle •Blade angle should be chosen based on thickness and density •Thickness is determined by substrate without backer •Density is determined by material construction and lamination •Blade should be able to cut through entire substrate layer and into the backing without going deeper than blade edge Blade Offset •The offset determines the blades turning radius and compensation from the cutting carriage •A blade with a higher offset can handle thicker/laminated substrates better •Offsets over 1mm are simulated to compensate for material properties. Blade Extension •Changing blade extension can substitute for changing pen pressure •Max blade extension is designed for pre-printed graphics •Blade extension should be minimized for cut substrates •Change blade extension by twisting blade holder cap •Blades with shorter blade edges need less extension Common Cutting Problems & Solutions •Incomplete Cuts •Problem: •Vinyl is not cut all the way through •Possible Solutions: (in order of diagnosis) •Blade dull or chipped (causes friction and doesn’t stay deep, but planes on surface like a boat) •Improper blade extension (blade can’t dig deep enough because blade holder cap interferes) •Pen pressure not high enough (same as improper blade extension) •Stitch Cut or Dash Cut •Problem: •Cut lines in dashes or even spaced sections •Possible Solutions: •Blade chipped or dull(can’t cut material and jumps due to friction) •Blade holder needs lubrication or replacement (blade doesn’t swivel properly due to friction) •Slow speed (same as blade being chipped or dull) •Replace damaged cutter strip (blade caught in grooves and jumps to next location) •Circles Don’t Close •Problem: •Vectors do not connect according to artwork on screen •Possible Solutions: •Use sans serif fonts (Serif fonts have sharp angled corners and the blade can’t turn fast enough) •Points need to be rounded (vector graphics that have small angles like serif fonts. e.g. -flame tips) •Incorrect offset (Plotter is over or under-compensating for vector curve) •Small Letters and Shapes Lift Up During Cutting •Problem: •Adhesive gels back together under vinyl after being cut •Possible Solutions: •Use vinyl with a different adhesive (some adhesives don’t adhere to the liner well enough for small detail. Removable/low tack adhesives are most common problem) •Increase blade extension (adhesive may be too thick and not cut all the way through) •Replace blade (sharper blade cuts adhesive better) •Use higher angle blade (low angle blade may not cut through adhesive effective enough) •Increase pen pressure (liner could be soft and absorbing adhesive causing it to gel together)