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    First Mug Sub

    first mug to sub with new press. I need to learn Corel and how to set this press. Got it from USC and i think it did good but setting the time and temp was/is tricky. I thought i set it to 370 F as suggested and time. While waiting for it to heat up i noticed that it stopped at 250 and went into a holding pattern. It would loose heat then reheat. I also DID have a blank mug in it as recommended. SO i went ahead and pushed the start button to see what it would do. It heated on up and immediately while heating began the count down. When it got to the correct temp i replaced mugs and began the count again. Any ideas
  2. TT57

    First Mug Sub

    i hit that zone now printer messing up on me. Clogged.
  3. TT57


    yea, i like the MarkandGraham one also. Also check out the font= HEX monogram on dafont. That is more manly.
  4. got a request to print artwork for tshirts. I am not applying, just printing. I have an excell worksheet that helps me calculate cost but for one 11 x 17 print it says approx. $4... . That is ink = $3.75..and paper. = about .25 pc. . Really ? $3.. for one print. for ink. SO the question is: how do I calculate actual ink usage per sheet. I know- you can't define how much ink is used actually but surely someone in the world has measured somehow ? Since i have not done any business subbing, this is new. The request comes from a friend who screen prints and maybe the order is lots of colors so he is thinking subbing. I didn't ask, i just needed to learn pricing anyway. This may open up the door to do his subbing if the price is reasonable but about $4. per sheet @ 80 sheets won't get the job. Thanks guys/gals for all your help. I am using the Epson 7610 with refillable carts. They are practically unused/new .
  5. TT57

    ink color management

    try flat rate shipping from CoastalBusiness for mugs. $9.95
  6. TT57

    pricing breakdown/sublimation

    OWJones - REALLY 300 sheets. ?? Wow, i called Cobra and was told 30 . Maybe she misunderstood what i asked. !!!! 30 seemed kinda low to me . Its not even a total sheet coverage. Just 2 images. - 1 around 8x10 and another pocket size.
  7. my Expression does
  8. TT57

    Mug sublimation question

    thanks guys.
  9. TT57

    Mug sublimation question

    what price do you guys do for a mug. People keep telling me that they can get them at places like Sams, etc so the price i would ask would be more.
  10. TT57

    Some work I got. Thoughts and opinions

    somehow i knew that was coming and STILL laughed.
  11. TT57

    Some Of My Work

    love the some assembly also. got one planned for April for trout fishing. Always take that trip for my husbands birthday. Gotta do me this sign before that. I may cut it and apply there to give me something to do while he fishes. @xpaperman, send me a reminder if you don't get that file and i will send you mine.i have this one i made for a flag for my camper last yr.
  12. TT57

    Latest sublimation items

    isn't it fun
  13. TT57

    Some Truck Fun

    love that truck
  14. TT57

    First Mug Sub

    thanks Mad- i am liking this.
  15. TT57

    First Mug Sub

    this is addictive.
  16. TT57

    Heat Press question

    can't find a 15 x 15 cover. Anyone have a link?
  17. TT57

    New addition to my truck

    oh i like those eyes.
  18. TT57

    HTV on a Tent

    been wondering about that. I would have been so afraid of melting the tent. 8 sec @ normal temp?
  19. TT57

    Heat Press question

    mine isn't glued down either. i am liking the cover idea since everything seems to grab the pad and not slide. I would like the sliding better i think. It makes me crazy
  20. TT57

    First Mug Sub

    Madhattergraphix, nothing faded onto the handles . Actually there is about 1/2 inch fade from each side of the handle since the press closes to the handle. (make sense?) Thanks for the help everyone. AND- that is my FIRST EVER mug shot Moody Blue !!!!! dakotagrafx= you mighen need intervention if you have had more than one mug shot !! LOL
  21. TT57

    Need a little help with Cobra ink setup

    this answered my question. I wasnt' sure if i had to select a profile or not. I did not on the cup i posted in another thread so next time i will and see if there is a diffe. Thanks for asking the question.
  22. TT57

    Foam pad

    jcart, can you post us a pic of the green foam you use. I have seen it at Joann's but wasn't sure it was heat proof
  23. TT57

    LARGE cut for wall

    ok, if someone has time to waste, can you show me a screenshot of how you would layout a tree like the one shown -or any extra large tree- to be able to cut. I got it that you would have to piece together but my mind is not grasping how to lay it out. I suppose i would need to know how to cut pieces apart to lay it out. Maybe that is my real question. I am using SCAL- i like SCAL - so is there a knife tool i hear people talk about in other programs to just slice through a limb.? Then i suppose i would move it to empty space to maximize my vinyl. I am using a SC cutter 24" wide.
  24. TT57

    color issue

    ok, I am making flags where the base image is printed on then I add the extras in vinyl. When I put the extra image -name,etc- on top of the printed image in SCAL the images below show thru the colors. Even my darkest colors can be seen through. Any adjustments out there that I need to make for this to be fixed. I can't post a mockup with it being see through.
  25. TT57

    color issue

    signyouup, i had found the opacity slider and that had done no good. Was hoping for another trick. Thanks for your help.