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  1. I have no idea. I only cut regular sign vinyl. And 2 pinch rollers even on a 30" cutter work perfect. Tracking is perfect. FC cutters have different pinch roller adjustments that can be locked down. I cut sign vinyl, my pinch rollers are not locked down all the way. You can see that in the user manual.
  2. Out of the box is a holder for the CBO9U blade. regular vinyl cutting. The FC8000 that I got, they had been cutting reflective vinyl. So it had the red cap blade holder in it for that blade. You will have to go to the Graphtec site or Ebay and get a holder for that blade by the blade number. The last owner of the FC8000 even installed 2 extra pinch rollers on it. It has 4 now. It is a 30" cutter. They come standard with 2 pinch rollers.
  3. I have the FC7000-MK2-75 that I bought new 2008. Never a problem. Last year, on Ebay I picked up a FC8000-75 for $1000 free ship. They had the cross cutter locked on it. It took me 10 minutes to fix it. I had to look at my 7000 carriage head to see the problem, easy fix. They are both beasts.
  4. I use Flexi software and have no problem with imported dfx files. The Windows Graphtec Pro Studio is rebranded Flexisign Pro. (Over $1000 software) Which comes FREE with a Graphtec FC8600 Still to your advantage to get a cheap windows laptop to cut with. I have picked up several for back ups. for $100 or less with FREE shipping. They may be a bit more, to pick up a 17" Windows 7 now and throw Windows 10 on it. I have done that also, For $200 free shipping. It is stated you can get 3 licenses for that.
  5. You stated you are doing squares, rectangles, circles, off circles, shapes. You can do that in FREE inkscape and export as an .eps. What are we missing? Very, very detailed designs can be done in .eps. I do them all the time.
  6. I don't mess with Mac, and not a lot of Mac people on here. But it used to be with the Graphtec Studio software, when you saved a file, it exported as .gs. Which you cannot use the file in any other software. You have to stick with that software. I don't know if it has been changed, where you can export as an .eps file. An .eps file you can use in most any software. I only use Flexi software. I don't mess with the Graphtec software. I think you can download it and see how it exports.
  7. correct, a lot less force than the Titan 2 you were using. The Graphtec requires a plug in for illustrator also. Very few mac cutting softwares out there. We usually try to convince people to just get a cheap Windows computer. I still cut on a 2006 Toshiba laptop with Windows XP on my Graphtecs. No problems. You don't need a fancy computer to run a vinyl cutter.
  8. The force is much less at 350g FC goes up to 600g. You have to compare the specs. But that is your choice.
  9. That is what a spec says. The FC8600-60 has the following specifications: It has a 20g to 600g programmable cutting force in a total of 48 steps. The media cutting thickness measures 59.1 mils, and the maximum thickness for the auto sheet cutter is 11 mil, with the release liner. If you can find a good used FC7000-MK2 or FC8000 the specs are the same.
  10. Ok, nothing more I can help with.
  11. Maybe write up a local Craiglist ad, for someone doing a sample for you. Pay them a few bucks. This is what a Graphtec FC8600 looks like. Much better built. The Graphtec name means a lot. You do get what you pay for.
  12. It seems like he is talking more about perf cutting. Which is making dotted lines. Not straight cutting. And they did say the magnet material slipped. How big are these pieces that your trying to cut . Already know 30 mil. what is the width x length?
  13. where are you located? Yeah you could send it to someone, if they are willing. I just won't put my cutters thru it. I run a business and cut almost every day.
  14. I am talking about cutters on a stand, Anything from FC4100- FC8600. Where are you located?
  15. You may have had better luck, if you went with the Graphtec FC unit. The Graphtecs are just better, heavy duty cutters. That is what they are built for. There used to be a guy on here years back that cut plastic with his, making several passes. I own 2 of these FC cutters, and they are tanks. I have never tried to cut thicker materials, as that is not my niche' My niche' is very large long vinyl graphics. The cutters also have different positions that you can put the pinch rollers at to hold the material. You can still find good deals on the used Graphtec FC cutters. You just have to have the money and grab it.
  16. It's a great cutter, any Graphtec is, but it is only 24" wide. That is the latest model. I thought you needed a larger cutter. This is a cutter that most people would upgrade to and be done with it. With this cutter, you should receive a download (after sending in your serial number)Windows only. over $1000 software.FREE.
  17. That is a Graphtec FC4100-75 which is only 30" long Still good price if it runs.
  18. I was looking more at the glass cutting part of those website ads.. Which was cutting circles. But different shapes is another thing.
  19. So, did you ever try the multiples passes?
  20. Just a thought, they could be a vinyl craft seller. Buying by the 50 yd roll, and selling 12" strips.
  21. When he states "wants like scissors cutting", He wants an automated system. I am getting the impression all the way thru. But here is another manual option.
  22. Only cutter that can do that is the Graphtecs FC series. . They have a built in groove that allows the cross cutter or the blade to cut thru. The teflon cutting strip would not be touched. You would not have a teflon cutting strip left, if you tried to do it with a regular vinyl cutter. Plus the blades would be shot real soon. Regular vinyl cutters are not made to cut all the way thru, vinyl etc. Some people use a carrier sheet to cut vinyl all the way thru, but that would be done all manual. Each piece at a time.
  23. Well, I can't help you with a Canada purchase.
  24. What area do you live in? This Graphtec FC can be bought on payments
  25. This?