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  1. Happy New Year all! I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to fill-in the stamped lettering on a 2019 Silverado tailgate (as seen here: ). Would a painted-on plastisol solution be better than trying to cut out vinyl?
  2. painperdu

    RAD wall vinyl

    What industry/type of graphics do you do?
  3. Anyone have info on how to and where to buy blank garden flags for HTV? Berlap flags come up in search but there must be more pleasing material out there for this.
  4. painperdu

    Vehicle Signage Do's and Don't

    I'm trying to think of this. Is this where the shadow is on the inside?
  5. Certainly it has something to do with the aggravating push notification that pops up on each page-load regardless of how many times it's answered in the negative.
  6. I got a warning about being a possible phishing website.
  7. painperdu

    Vinyl over vehicle logo -yes or no?

    It seems like the newer vehicles are placing logos and brand/model names in prime places -like closer to the middle of the door. I guess it may come down to the customers desire to place vinyl over them or not.
  8. Is it accepted practice to lay vinyl over vehicle brand/model names (e.g. 'F-150', 'SILVERADO')?
  9. painperdu

    Forever Paper

    The main drawback I read somewhere is that it drastically fades during high washer/dryer heat.
  10. painperdu

    curving text??

    Search for "text on path" tutorials.
  11. painperdu

    Start-Up help needed

    Is there a market for mobile phone skins in your area? Have you had any sales? First find out why you haven't had success with your current products before you move on to something else.
  12. painperdu

    Easy website creation...

    I have my Wordpress site at WordPress may be your best bet. It requires a little learning but even if you get one of those point and click websites there's still a learning curve and it never does look right. At least with WP there's lots of help to be had over the net.
  13. Do a search on for a few tutorials: Sure Cuts A Lot is good for simple lettering. It's not perfect, though. I love Inkscape as it can help you do more custom designing. It may take a little longer to learn but will prove worth the effort in the long run. It's Open Source software and it's free:
  14. Make up a sell sheet with a few of the best reasons they need an effective sign from you. Either just drop off or mail the sheet to the business, or hand the sheet to the manager/owner. If you're not good at face to face sales just hand the sheet over and ask them to look it over when they get a chance. If you're good at talking to people then adjust accordingly. If you can customize the sheet then it will inspire the customer much more than something generic. Spell out as much of the process and finished product as you can to make it easier for the customer to just say OK. Try to anticipate and address all of the objections the customer might have.