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  1. Im having trouble with my creation vinyl cutter. It wont cut . I go thru all the motions but just wont cut. Yesterday it worked great. I m sure I did something I just cant figure it out. Please help!!!!

  2. Tom@USCutter

    Receive Notifications popup

    I use Chrome and once I hit the "block" button on the popup, I haven't seen the notification since.
  3. Tom@USCutter

    upload issues

    Hey All, I just changed some settings in our upload settings. Let me know if this helps!
  4. Tom@USCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    I've just gone ahead and unlocked every notification, as well as set this to be toggled by the User. You should be able to toggle on/off whatever notifications you would like within the Account Settings area. There is also a specific "Managed Followed Content" Section where you can control who and what you follow.
  5. Tom@USCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    The friends functionality has been replaced by following in the move from IPBoard3x to IPBoard4x.
  6. Tom@USCutter

    Forum Issues being resolved but taking a little time.

    May want to try clearing your browser cache. I just took this screenshot using IE Version 11.0.9600.18350
  7. Tom@USCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    I'm actually seeing that as well - I believe it's due to the fact I imbedeed the photo's as opposed to attaching them. The resolution where I took the screenshot was pretty massive.
  8. Tom@USCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    Dakota is absolutely correct in that names have reverted. In the change from IPBoard3x to IPBoard4x I had to make the decision either to retain displaynames or usernames. I chose to retain usernames. You can change your Display Name within the account settings portion of the website. I've attached a few screenshots to show the quick and easy process.
  9. Tom@USCutter

    New Forum Feedback

    Thanks for staying with us guys. We very much appreciate all of your support of this community. The last week has seen us upgrade every aspect of this forum and put it in a very good place moving forward. All of our back-end architecture and standards have been upgraded (PHP, MySQL, Server Resources, Hosting, Forum Software) to put us in the best position to continue to provide a fast, stable platform for this community. The issues we have been experiencing not only in the last week, but in the last year regarding downtime, slowness, and general issues are all behind us. We were able to do this without losing a single post or account, which was why the process took so long, not to mention Google taking about 72 hours to rescan this forum. Data standards have changed quite a bit since this board began and the sheer volume of data put on these forums over the last 8 years made the conversion process very cumbersome. I know that our marketing team has a lot in store for the look/feel and user experience of this forum moving forward. We are getting used to this new layout just as you are and appreciate any feedback or comments you have. I will be checking this threat routinely to make the forums the best place for YOU! If you see odd things, bugs, tweaks, changes or just general comments that you want to make - feel free to drop them in this thread or send me a message. Screenshots work best if you are able to capture those. Thanks again guys for being the awesome community you are and holding on as we put this forum in the best place moving forward.
  10. Tom@USCutter

    forum experiencing some issues with google chrome

    Hey All, Just a quick update : the notices that are being flagged are mostly due to the change in our page and the link backs that have occurred over the years in this platform. I can assure everyone here there is no malware, or phishing going on within this forum. We are currently backing up all of the data that has accumulated over the years and once that has been completed, we will be moving to the latest version of Invision Power Services forum software. Thank you all for your patience!
  11. Tom@USCutter

    forum website always going down

    No problem. Platform is going to stay the same for the time being - just adding more system resources and streamlining. We may look to move up to a higher level of IPS (forum software) release - but for the time being we are holding.
  12. Tom@USCutter

    forum website always going down

    Hey All, We have outgrown our current platform and are putting the time/work in to migrate. I apologize sincerely about the down time Sunday early mornings, and can assure you moving forward we should not see this. It's a good problem to have - the community has been so strong, and growing so much that it's time to move onward and upward. No data loss will occur in these changes and you shouldn't notice any differences to the way you navigate the forums. Thank you again for bearing with us, being apart of this great community, and we will work our hardest to continue to improve your experience!
  13. Glad things are working for you! As for the down time recently ; I apologize about that, and can tell you it should NOT be happening anymore. We had outgrown our server resources and I needed to beef things up a bit. I did this over the weekend and thing's should be full steam ahead. I want to thank all of you on behalf of USCutter for making this such a great and resourceful community.
  14. Hey Nkoot, Can you see the left menu that I've screenshotted in this post?