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  1. Car magnets

    I got this done the other day. This was a quick job but turned out very nice. They informed me that since having them they got about 7 new client on the 1-2nd day.
  2. Oracal 631 sticking issue

    Haveing issues with 631 sticking to dry wall. Been sqegeeing the decal on for about 3-5 mins. But it’s not staying on the wall. Any suggestions?
  3. Font need help with

    Well I couldn’t find the font for the K. So I found an image with it and was able to Inkscape it n got it perfect. The rest was good. Thanks for the help
  4. Font need help with

    Thank you for the help I’ll give it a try
  5. Font need help with

    I see that now. I’m guessing the top one is what they want. I went through my entire font list and can’t find anything close to it i Inkscape the logo n imported it as a eps. But when I went to take out the kiefer built letter to keep the kb. Once I deleted just the k n went out of node edit. The entire thing just disappeared. I closed sign blazer and reopened it n imported to try again. N again it vanished
  6. Font need help with

    Ok I need help identifying the font for this pic. Also. Anyone kno the font for the super duty on a 2008 f25?
  7. How much would you charge

    2 colors. Black and white. We just got done with putting it on the mirror. Wet apply. If I remember it took us about 20 -30 mins to apply. 10-15 mins weeding. Design 30-45 mins this is off the top of me head. Haven't really tracked times
  8. How much would you charge

    Ok I just got done with this job with a little help from my dad. I'm wondering how much should I charge. All designed by me. It's 23.25 x 23.0 +/- On a mirror
  9. Help to add color

    Got ya. Well me n the customer decided it look good as a night scene with all white at the actual mirror. Just adding a few touches to it. But this is what I have so far. Just got to tweak it some
  10. Help to add color

    Ok I got this decal job. That's going on a 24x24 mirror. They want some color to it. The first picture is the original layout with some editing. The second is with the black outline removed. How can I add color if it's a night scene i was was thinking of white for the moon. Or somehow using the mirror itself as the moon. But my brain it rattled at this or how how would I do this ?
  11. Named side car window.

    just got this done.. first time on doing the front door windows of a ram 3500
  12. Named side car window.

    just got this done.. first time on doing the front door windows of a ram 3500
  13. Mobile Cutting

    I am thinking of doing vinyl cutting while on the road in my semi. I have a mh721. I know I can move this cutter in and out of the truck. I am wondering if there is a smaller cutter that I can use.
  14. bumper stickers

    Has anyone done these before? also is there a layout that I should follow.
  15. New design but not installed

    Updated. this is the decal installed on the vehicle