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  1. I use to do cuts ALL the time and rarely had issues. I took a break for a few months or so and packed the cutter away in its box in a safe area that isn't messed with. I recently pulled it back out and set it up again. I did everything from memory as far as setting up to match sheets 12x12 area and vectorized it and then sent it to cutter(made sure it is detected) and then did an area test and everything looked good and ran as I remembered. Then I hit cut now and confirmed it, it only moved up like an inch and seemed like it would be good. it stopped there and nothing came up on the screen showing progress of the cut like it normally did. it just moved stopped and that was it. so to sum it up, I use to cut a lot, packed it away, pulled back out and re installed everything and whatnot and it starts then stops right away. sorry if that wasn't enough info I am more than a little clueless on the tech side of this.. anyone have a similar issue or recognize what i am doing wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Alphamisfits

    Small pieces pulling up! Help please!

    Hi I'm still fairly new to this , originally I was using a 45 degree blade and I watched some videos and got everything good and have been cutting good for quite awhile but now I felt the blade should be changed ( not sure) so I put in a new 45 degree blade and ran a test which I thought was good . It cut the vinyl and didn't cut the wax paper but now it's starting to pull small pieces up here and there , I have had this happen like maybe 1 spot here in there no biggie but now I just got like 7-8 spots on my last 12x12 cut . Any ideas what I'm doing wrong n how to fix it.