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  1. I have a Titan 2 and it stops every time I get a text message or when my computer goes to sleep. While I can get it to start back up again once I wake the computer up, I can't get it to start up again after I get that text. What the heck is going on? How can I prevent this? I have a macbook pro and an iPhone. I'm also using SCAL. It should not do this! can anyone help? Even if you just can tell me how to get it to keep cutting after the text I'd really appreciate that. I'm wasting tons of vinyl! Thanks, Lolly
  2. Thanks, @Dakotagrafx. I have seen that page. It doesn't have what I'm looking for. Thanks for the blade settings tips. I've seen those and feel I have that part figured out. I'm looking for settings based on vinyl types. I have Oramask 813, greenstar outdoor vinyl and some oracal 631. Speed & pressure starting points specifically. I'm guessing they just want you to totally shoot in the dark until you figure it out and waste loads of material?
  3. Hi there - I got a Titan 2 for Christmas and was really bummed at the lack of instructions / guidance that came with the machine. I contacted support and was supposed to get a sheet of paper that directed me to links to see the manual, and guides, but my machine didn't come with that. I was able to find information online (but it was really scattered about and is still lacking the kind of instructions I am looking for). I feel like I'm shooting in the dark. I had to search around to figure out how to move the rollers. I saw someone post something in this forum about reading the manual - but the manual doesn't say anything about HOW to move the rollers or that the Titan 2 rollers are evidently really difficult to move (as I found in another post). I also had a tremendous amount of frustration with setting up the stand as the video I found was moving so fast my husband and I had to keep pausing and rewinding the video over and over and over to figure out how to get it together (this was from the us cutter Vimeo page). This is my very first vinyl cutter. I had never seen one in person or see how it was used other than a few videos on YouTube. I have a CO2 laser that came with videos, an incredible manual and tons of online support. What I was hoping I could get with this machine was a cheat sheet of sorts that gives you some basic setting starting points for different vinyl materials. I use my cheat sheet with my CO2 laser every time I start cutting / engraving new materials. It gives me a baseline to start from that I can tweak / test from there. Do you guys have anything like that for Vinyl cutting with this machine? I've included a picture of my laser's cheat sheet so you can see what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry if I come off as a little whiny. I really want to learn how this machine works, but feel like I got this awesome device and it's totally up to me to figure it out (via a TON of searching around online). Lolly