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    Hope everyone has a GREAT and safe holiday,
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    Here is a screen shot after fixing the perspective. You won't likely find the font for the CHIEF, it's probably custom or so old they didn't have computers back then. You can hand trace this out and get good results. Very few auto trace result look good enough on fonts.
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    Best way I know of covering up what you did.
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    Glad you found a good solution! Be sure and post some pictures and a review when you get it in. Never know when that sort of information might be handy.
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    Work around is to put non glossy tape (scotch invisible) over the part to scan.
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    I actually have a company making me a hand crank rotary flex die machine for $3800! I couldn’t spend $70K on an entry level automatic rotary die but the hand crank fits our production needs. Dies are about $800-1000. My production guy is gonna have one tough arm
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    Cut these for Ronald McDonald house up here in London Ontario. 1 is 18" high and the other is 24" high.
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    I actually install a lot of signage from flat metal, formed plastic letters, lighted channel letters, back lighted box signs and everything in between my average rate averages between $40.00 to $60 per hour I give bids in advance so the price is included in the price the person gives.
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    It takes a bit of work on your part, it works.... mark-s
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    From what I have seen, there is different tack cutting mats out there. No idea what would work with paper. Unless someone else has done it, you would have to go with a trial and error.
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    If you try to cut paper on any cutter without a cutting mat you will destroy the cutting strip. So that part is out. For a scoring blade, I have no idea. ebay maybe?
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    Has it been laminated? I have heard that sometimes the Graphtec machines have trouble recognizing the marks if there has been a lamination layer added. I can't recall the work-around but it was a concern I had when I was searching for a servo cutter.
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    Here is just the head. mark-s MOHAWK CHIEF HEAD.ai
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    Give this a shot. mark-s MOHAWK CHIEF.ai
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    Thanks so much! I welded it in AI and abra-cadabra! all is as it should be again. Now if I could quick catch up on wholesale orders...
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    This is the time to take advantage of USCUTTER pre-Thanksgiving sale. $200 off on Titan models. Also, for those who want to decorate things with symbols of the fall holiday, grab some WingDings -- And for those of us struggling to come up with a unique meal idea (instead of Turkey) -- You're welcome!
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    but . . . but it looks like a big printer
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    That error code is LOOKING FOR THE STARTING MARK SCAN ERROR.. Here it is from your CELITE user manual. You need to use the arrow buttons and move the tool to the Starting Mark. 4-18 Of User Manual
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    Sorry, disregard, they have the plotter listed under a different manufacturer. All is right, for now! Thanks!
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    How old is your cutter? A forum member has some for the older MH cutters. (I am guessing still has) http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/54679-z-chip/
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    Gotcha! Yah, it's one thing to design just for you, but when you have to send out the file or share it with other apps, it gets to be more tricky. Glad you found the solution! Thank you for keeping everyone updated (because we feel like we're on the rollercoaster with you )
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    I did a large logo in reverse that a client used as a stencil and stained a floor with it and then pulled up the vinyl.
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    Def Leppard 1987 Hysteria Album.
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    Strangest job I have ever been asked to do. 310 1.5 inch circles! Got dizzy watching the cutter, but could not look away. Almost fell over weeding for the same reason.