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    you WILL forget to mirror at some point - it happens to everyone - and if they say it hasn't , they lied
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    Brass stencil set - this is the proper way to do it. $35 will be all you need to spend, Jeff. (plus the cost of spray paint cans). Best Way to paint curbs with Go-Karts!
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    Thanks for the reminder on mirroring when cutting HTV. Hopefully my memory will work when I'm actually doing it. I just got a new IR temp gun to check motor temps on our RC cars so I'll be able to use that with the heat press as well. That's the plan... to move up to a Titan 2/3 or Graphtec and a nice heat press... but I'm gonna force the SC2 to pay for it! Now if I could just figure out how to do that in RC
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    The MH is a "educational" tool that teaches you how to set up a cutter in all aspects and makes you appreciate the models more as you move up
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    quote - So excited, the kids think that I'm the greatest. This reaction leads me back to to the original heading of the thread -- SignBlazer. It's always felt to me as a KIDS' program... You might want to download / install the free version and play with the DRAW Library graphics with the kids ---- they'll love cutting out animal decals!!! Yep, even a penguin! Here is the "hidden link" of the aforementioned software (officially listed in the About menu as v7.0 after install). Have some fun!