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    maybe off topic but it looks like your speed is a little fast and you are using alot of pressure for regular vinyl.
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    Yes, the SC model is very tricky to get set just right. It's a learning curve. However, once you get it tweaked just right I think it is one of the better lower end machines! You can get some good small stuff out of it with practice! The downside? It seems like once you get it perfect.... it's time to change the blade..... UUUGGGHHHHH. LOL
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    Is this on a simple flat piece of glass? Do it dry. I almost never use app fluid. Too time consuming. Not sure what "some german" means but you could have some crappy stuff messing with you. When I do use fluid I use action tac or Splash. The key is a light shot and then squeegee all if it out from under the vinyl and let it sit about 5 minutes untouched so the adhesive can get a grip. Then give the top of the tape a shot to soak into the app tape and start pulling it off at a severe angle. I typically fold it back on itself and side it off. Yes there will be spots that don't stay down so it often doesn't work all that well with thin graphics. In the time it takes to mess around with fluid and then clean up the mess a dry application is over and gone. Warning: You need to practice dry app if your customer is going to be hovering over your shoulder. Clear concise squeegee control is the key to avoiding bubbles and rills. Use some form of a tape hinge either top bottom, side or center.
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    Looking back over the thread seem like everyone having the problem is using the US Cutter version of Cut... Hmmm.
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    I can drag and drop pdf's no problem either just like a Ai file.. I have VM Cut 4.0. But like i said earlier i dont use it ,just got curious when i seen this post.But now i am curious why i cant do svgs lol... Im not going to stress over it tho..And it is an activated licensed ... And it is from uscutter.
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    i got my vinylmaster pro from uscutter, and uscutter dont sell xpt
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    There is some funky stuff going on with that design Primal. Definitely upper level work. Scarecrow and I just showing off is all.
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    Was no problem in VinylMaster but not so smooth in my Illustrator CS3. Really should work with that software more often. Kudos to you for knocking it out in Illy, Goose.