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    The Titan 2 & 3 I suppose...
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    You are going to have a tracking problem with any value cutter,, That is why I chose a Graphtec.. You have to pre feed your vinyl back and forth to get it feeding correctly. You have to start straight from the git go. And never have your machine pulling your vinyl from the roll while cutting,, Have enough vinyl slack behind the cutter to do the job. Too many new people start adjusting those pinch rollers, then you have more problems. Too much blade exposed can throw off the tracking also. Make sure you use the least amount of blade to do the vinyl you are cutting. Not having the cutter on a stand can throw it off also. Here is a video that can help. Below.. UScutter used to have a video for this, but I can't find it.
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    Yeah your right skarekrow. Im going to do it the right way and just design all of it. So far its not to bad to weed, well see what I say after doing 50 yards worth...
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    It was oriented correctly I found out what the issue was in reguards to the contour cutting problem turns out the blade and laser were not calibrated correctly so I had to manually calibrate it and then re do the offset test and cLibrate that after this was done I finally cut this 6 pieces out now all I need to do is work on installing the updated drivers for my original issue
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    Personally I'd paint the wall where the vinyl is to be placed grey, then cut black vinyl in the design and lay it over the grey.
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