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I am trying to do the kiss cut and perf cut stickers on my Titan 3, Using VinylMaster DSR 5.0

I have followed the video "How To Perf Cut With VinylMaster" step by step and it will not use the edited perf cut setting, rather just the same pressure and speed set on the machine.

Also using the ARMS system, but is this same method available   using the barcode marks, which I have tried and does not work either.

Maybe I missing something and would greatly appreciate some help

Thank you

Screenshot 2024-04-02 163555.jpg

Screenshot 2024-04-02 163509.jpg

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I don't have a Titan or use Vinyl Master BUT are you using a cutting mat under your vinyl?  You would have to, or you would be gouging up your teflon cutting strip, if you are cutting all the way thru the vinyl. Or are you not cutting all the way thru? .Plus dulling your blades very fast.. The newer Graphtecs have a dual place blade holder, and the perf cuts are done over a channel, so as not to harm the cutting strip. I didn't think a Titan 3 had that, or could perf cut. I may be wrong, but newer Graphtecs, and Summa can perf cut.

Looking at that video of UScutter. Vinyl Master, it looks like they have PrismCut vinyl cutter loaded up in the software. It may perf cut. Ask UScutter if the Titan 3 can perf cut.   I see several questions being asked in the forum about The Titan 3 cutting thru and perf cut, No one is saying that it can. 

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Thank you the response,

yes we use a cutting mat under the sticker paper whenever doing this operation. The Titan 3 can accomplish Kiss cut, thru cut and perf cut. The Titan 3 will cut all three from 1 file.

My question more relates to the software, specifically when editing the pressure of the second perf cut. The information is not changing from the first setting as in the video. So whichever pressure you set for the first cut, it maintains that pressure in all cuts for the object. You can say print 2 stickers on one page, both with 2 cuts, but handled as separate objects  so 4 cuts in total. setting say the first sticker at a cut pressures of 80/160 for the cuts and the 2nd for 100/ 200 on the second sticker. The first cuts at 80/80 and the second cuts at 100/100. The second cut on each is a perf cut, but with no pressure change kind of defeats the purpose and  will not cut through

Yes, every other function changes the cut speed and grams just fine from software control.

I do mostly vinyl cutting, but stickers are fun also. I just wanted to try the easy peel method and I must be missing something somewhere.

The Titan 3 is very fast and quiet, it dose a great job and I am starting to make and post videos and sharing the information. 

Thank you again, Keith


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Making your software work with the vinyl cutter is a Vinyl Master or UScutter job. 

Are you using 1 blade holder for both processes or 2 different blade holders ,blades set individually for each process?  The process I have read with the Graphtecs, is to use 2 different blade holders. 1 is set for the contour cutting. I is set up with blade extended further out of the blade holder for the perf cutting. They don't change the force, maybe just a little. Blade holders/blades are preset to cut, for each option. with the blade in them. Just change the blade holder/blade, for each process.   That's all I can add.  There are only a handful of forum members here that answer questions. None of them have a Titan 3 vinyl cutter.  Maybe some one else can add something. 

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