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Has anyone else faced similar problem

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Hello everyone


Just curious to enquire has anyone else faced the problem of decals not sticking to a painted surface in extremely cold weather?

Mercury here in Australia is dropping down to 2 to 4 deg celcius and I have some complaints from some people that Mirror Gold and Mirror Silver decals are coming off with the tape.

I have used low to medium tack tape (Politape 130) and the back board was painted a couple of weeks ago before the decals were being stuck.

Also, the decals were applied dry.

I tried the same stuff on the painted wall (as it had similar texture) and didn't have problems while putting it on

I am attaching some pictures for you to have a look on to. Please be mindful it is not an acrylic backdrop and the other colours on the same board got stuck seamlessly.


Any input will be highly appreciated





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Vinyl is temperature-sensitive, the manufacturer recommends handling/applying at above 10*C (50*F) -- also it might be worthwhile trying RapidTac2 product, which assists in adhesion at low temps.
There's a video of somebody placing a decal onto a truck when it's snowing out!

Beyond that, that wall doesn't seem very smooth, having a 'rippled' texture, and standard vinyl really does best with perfectly flat surfaces, unless it's specifically formulated for wall (uneven surface) application.

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Hi everyone


Thanks for the suggestions

Slice & Dice! You're right, Mercury is theaccused


I posted the same query in some facebook groups as well. These are the responses I have got

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