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The perfect gift for dad (or granddad)

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With Fathers' Day approaching, I thought it would be a good opportunity to suggest a great present for dad (or granddad).

USCUTTER is having a SALE on two of their most popular budget machines (MH and SC) which are fully warranteed but 'refurbished' (maybe with new motherboard, carriage or other components).


The SC includes a media catch basket with the stand, which is a very nice set-up to keep the vinyl from spilling onto the floor! Normally selling new for over $550, this refurb unit is now just $375. (and it comes with the VM software, worth $50 by itself)

And for the low, low price of $270. the MH is a decent value proposition for pops to play around with and get addicted to this stuff, just as we all have.

[[[  NOTE: These cutters are the big 30" ones, and there are also 24" models available on Sale for even less money. ]]]

I can't think of a better way to say to Dad "You're #1" -- and get him into a fulfilling (retirement?) activity that he'll love.


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