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Hello I have a SC2 and have had it for a few months now.

Started a job and I noticed  there were perforated cuts happening (I have ordered a new cut strip and blade)

At first I thought it was the cut strip, so I took the protective tape off the adhesive strip from the very first strip installed from the factory (since they dont replace that anyway when you put in a new strip) to help the perforated issue since the tape had some grooves. It didnt help all that much even though there weren't any grooves in the cut strip itself. For the sake of finishing the job, I cut the designs twice through to make sure everything cut out to get past the perforated issue until I got the replacement strip.
That worked for a few feet of the roll, but by the end of the job there were more and more lines and shapes that were partially cut or completely missing, thus having me to run it twice through (cutting the last few logos a total of 4 times).

I noticed the timing of the motor moving and the blade being placed down on the vinyl to cut were a few seconds off (indicating that the timing was getting more and more off with the more I used it, and that the cut strip didn't seem to be the main issue here-- Ive still ordered a new one just in case as well as a new blade) By the end of the job and taking the video attached in this thread, you can see that the timing was getting more and more drastic-- you can see that while doing the test the pen didn't even draw the triangle at all, while the test right before to the right drew it partially.

The pictures I attached of a logo were cut twice, and yet some of the letters weren't partially there, but completely missing. This indicated that the blade is not the issue since it still cut out other things, and the perforated or missing letters were the same across the logos-- like the A would sometimes be missing entirely or the same specific line of a letter would be missing on multiple logos paced differently along the material, indicating that the cut strip was not at fault for this issue

The major problem here is that the timing of the blade and motor are off, and I dont know how to recalibrate them. The recalibration for the machine in the manual is to make sure the vinyl is aligned correctly, but not for the timing of the motor and the blade. 

Has anyone else had this issue? I will be calling support in 2 days on Monday when they open, but until then anything helps!

I was able to finish this small job luckily, but I need this to be fixed asap because its extremely time consuming to deal with cutting designs out more than once and the having to manually exacto the incomplete cuts, and this definitely effects the quality if I have to manually cut them out, which is why I have my plotter in the first place.. so thank you and anything helps!

Cutter issue 3.jpg

Cutter issue 2.jpg

Cutter issue1.jpg

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Start from scratch.

Make sure you have the correct blade depth. Without that, there can be all kinds of cutting issues.

Have you tried doing the test cut from the control panel of the cutter? What are those results?

Is this the first time you're experiencing this issue?

What cutting software are you using?

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As Haumana said, do the built in test on the cutter, if it has the problem doing that it is a cutter issue, possibly a wire intermittently disconnecting. If it does not have the problem with the self test then it is is a software issue, has anything on the computer side changed recently?

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