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In vinylmaster pro, can you select all open pages and send to a cut file?   Say I have 3 pages open and two have like colors on two different pages and want to send them all to a cutfile to nest and cut, can this be done without having to send each page individually?


Also my software is direct from vinylmaster,  last update was 3/2016, is this still accurate and up to date? 

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You can effectively do this by selecting Send to Cutfile on each page which places all the same colored artwork into the same cutfile for nesting etc.

Latest updates can be downloaded as follows:

USCutter Edition Updates:
This webpage has the very latest builds of all USCutter versions:

Non-USCutter Edition Updates:
This is the updates please go to this webpage: 

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Thanks for the quick response. 

I was aware of the ability to add each page, just in my opinion,  a GREAT idea for a new feature in an update would be to add all open pages so if you're like me and have 6 or 7 pages open with different orders you can group and nest within seconds 


Also I see that update link downloads the entire program again,  I'm afraid it will overwrite my settings and start from scratch if I do that. 

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