Deleting span between nodes and connecting nodes.

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Q. How do you delete spans or lines between nodes


A. Select the node and press delete on your keyboard, or in node edit mode and from the 2nd row of tools use the break curve tool. 


Q. and how do you connect two different lines together?


A. To join nodes just combine the two curves and drop one node on top of the other (using node edit mode) and they will automatically join to each other.

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Thanks for all your help!


I still can't join nodes together. If I draw a polyline, go into node editing, and try an put the end of that line onto the end of another line, they do not connect.

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TIP: Work in Wireframe (Ctrl+W) so you can clearly see the curve structure.


If it is a single curve the nodes will join in node edit mode.


If it is two separate curves you must first Combine the curves by selecting them in Object mode and then click Combine from the Curve (menu).


If you work in wireframe mode this will be much easier to do. 

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You are kind of going about it the slow way trying to delete "spans" and connecting nodes. I am a newbie at VM so still getting used to the way it deals with things as compared to AI but to quickly do what you are attempting I suggest drawing a third box over the first two then select them all and weld them together. 




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