Having trouble with my USCutter MH Series 721 Mk2

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Well,  i recently purchased Make The Cut, which the plotter i have does support. its working, it does cut but the problem that i'm having is that whenever i send something to cut, it starts the line but then goes over to another corner or spot and starts doing jagz and zig zags , then it sometimes goes back to the work then stops. it doesn't even finish the cut. i guess it's the plotter,that since i didn't use it in quite some time, maybe the sensors are dirty or something. if anyone has or has had this same problem and knows the solution, please tell me what i can do to resolve it,


attached i will leave one example of what i'm talking about.





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sounds like either static issues, or wrong driver. I don't have Make the Cut so can't help there. You could always download the free SignBlazer cut program, it works with the MH Series.

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