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Hey all! I'm a newbie with a couple of quick questions and would appreciate your feedback.

I have a Ricoh 3110 currently using the Sublijet inks. I've been reading the threads and see where the Sawgrass patent has expired, so I'm on the hunt for replacement/refillable inks that aren't so crazy expensive. I see Cobra Inks mentioned a lot, but they appear to only be for Epson printers. Is this true, and if so, has anyone found a supplier for refillable inks for the Ricoh that they'd recommend?

The other thing I could use feedback on is for a 2nd printer. I'd like to be able to do transfers to cotton, canvas etc and understand that a 2nd dedicated printer is more cost efficient in the long run. Which printer would be a good starter for this? I'm talking low volume and light to dark colored items.


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I have the Ricoh 3110 for the past 2 years and love this printer!

Refill cartridges , I have seen some on ebay that might work but I'm not %100 sure.



It seems the $75.50 per color is kinda expensive but it seems the colors last a long time for me and I <3 the Rioch since i get no CLOGGING !  and it prints perfect every time i say print! :)  I would rather stick to the stock ink for my 3110


2nd Printer i would go with a Epson 1430, I have one and LOVE IT!

You can put refill cartridges in it with a CIS and install Pigment ink for your transfers!



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