Outsourcing question for vinyl cutting

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hi all.  i have an odd question, posting here (as I have a mac) as well in the general discussion forum. 


if you are starting a sign business, t-shirt business, or any side/full-time business where you will be using decals, what do you guys think is a more viable and sustainable business model:


1. - buy all your own equipment, learn the software and market yourself?


- OR - 


2. - outsource all your cutting needs to a cut store and then use the decals for whatever your venture is?


i know it depends on quite a few factors but let's assume you have someone who knows how to operate the software and equipment if you're going the "on your own" route.


i'm not sure the long-term costs of continually purchasing your own vinyl roles and machinery upgrades/maintenance, that's why i'm posing this question.


any feedback is appreciated! 

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You might not like my feedback but here it goes. You need a business plan. Even if it is drawn out on a paper towel you need a blue print of where  you are and where you want to be. Without a plan you are just winging it. Make a plan then ask your questions.

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