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  1. Is there a way to change color from red to black in the preview pane when using the trace feature ? Many Thanks David
  2. Must be I got them on a bad day Take a peek at Sanmar they offer a lot of different things besides clothes
  3. HDN

    What Does Your User Name Mean???

    Heading Due North ,, Name of our store
  4. HDN

    New Store

    I have no problem with people getting on line and looking for equipment. As a matter of fact if someone local wanted to start a business I would be more then pleased to sit down and share with them everything I know. I have been in business for myself for about 30 years six years at our current location. We were a gun shop up until about five months ago. We still deal in firearms but they are second to what we have going on now. I have felt for a long time that as a professional it is up to us to train the next generation.
  5. HDN

    New Store

    Competition ?? I am lost on that one please explain. Left wall is catalog viewing area. there will be a few stools there for people to sit. Tubs are waiting to go back to storage ( doors are not open yet ) The work area has a 12 foot bench shelving for vinyl and a table with three printers and trying to find a place for fourth. Dead bird is an awesome thing people are responding well to it. There is wall art thru out shop for people to get and idea of what they can do. Decals that have been made from end cuts also are on walls. We keep the prices on them at about $4.00 and serves as a draw for people. Orders are coming in and I like that, I am about a week behind . Please keep asking questions I post to my peers for your views. David
  6. HDN

    New Store

    The bar was there. The building is an old hotel that catered to the RR. The bar / hotel was a place for crews to eat and grab a room while waigting for the next train. Lots of history. I just started playing with the etched vinyl. Nice product I am looking forward to adding to our catalog . I will research the Brunswick sid. I have sold a handful of there wooden nickels and made a killing
  7. HDN

    New Store

    Customer can walk around store at will. Production space is separated by a barrier and a display case. Mugs are always a seller for us. Most of what you see have sold in the past. If I get a call to make one I make three. Same thing with etched wine glasses.
  8. HDN

    New Store

    I toyed with what to do with mirror, I only rent the store front so it would have to be vinyl. I just started playing with the obscure vinyl and do like it. I have the logo cutout for the front door and will post a picture when it has been installed. Thanks for the good thoughts
  9. HDN

    New Store

    It has taken us a few months to wind down one business and open another in the same building. We are close to opening. We will be offering tee shirts,Sub products,etched glass and other products along these lines. We are going to open with over 125 different transfers and hope to expand that number to 200 in the near future. I am glad the process is at an end as I am looking forward to getting back to reading the forums on a regular basis. Picture is the shop a few days ago after we set the shirt racks. Space is tight but the store is packed. Work station is almost done and should be a 100% in a day or two
  10. I bought out a shop in 2014 and found myself with a boat load of vapor tee shirts , sweat shirts and collared shirts. I have no use for white shirts. Here is the deal I will sell or trade the entire lot for .40 on the dollar plus shipping. Or will trade for whatever ? If someone wants them I will make a count of size and style. a guess 400 - 600 pieces I will not be near my computer as often as I would like but will check later this evening My cell 607.226.0451 text and voice Thank You David
  11. HDN

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas All
  12. HDN

    Screen Printing

    I am off to watch videos Many Thanks As Always
  13. HDN

    Screen Printing

    I am on You Tube every day for music. never thought about a video for this.. Good idea Thank You
  14. The time has come for me to move into screen printing. Where should I start looking and learning ? Any suggestions would be a big help.. Thank You David
  15. HDN

    Taper cut...

    We cut and fit, Does not seem to take very long and allows me to use same stencil design