New to the industry! (and needing help)

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I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. It's kind of pricey. I may end up buying CS6 so I don't have to keep paying for it but I'm not sure right now. graphtec and Illustrator work well together with the cutting master 3 plugin. As far as printing full plot you would need an Eco solvent pronter and laminator to be able to sell a durable product to your customers. Something like the Mutoh VJ628 and a Graphtec CE6000-60. If you are only wanting to cut single color or lulu colored layered decals you should be good with about any cutter. I would just do a lot of research on whichever you buy to make sure it works with well with mac.

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OK all, thank you so much for the input!  I've been offline a while and have been busy doing research!  Few more questions and then I think i'll be ready to make a purchase decision:


1.  insight on USCutter TITAN (28" cutter) - all reviews i've read for this machine on amazon and on uscutter.com were pretty good, of course i imagine uscutter uses discretion to the reviews they post.  i'm trying to keep my purchase of the actual cutter under $1K so I can have some funds for supplies and software.


2.  i'm just now learning about different types of software.  for making decals/stickers/themed images what software is most appropriate as far as design..illustrator/photoshop or corel draw?  also, what is good entry cutting software?  from the research i've done and reading on the forum i need these items...vinyl cutter, vinyl cut software (ex. SCALpro), design software (ex. illustrator) and then supplies, mainly vinyl rolls.


i know a lot of members highly recommend the Graphtec brand cutters but the cheapest i've found is the graphtec ce6000 series and it still starts at $1,295 :(


i appreciate your advice, guidance and knowledge!



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