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Would a Silhouette Cameo be good for cutting out 1000 small stickers?

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I was thinking about buying a Silhouette Cameo, but before I did I thought I'd ask for some feedback and make sure I'm getting the right thing.


I just saw that the USCutter store doesn't seem to sell Silhouette stuff but hopefully it's okay to ask this question anyway.


I want to design, print out, and cut out a bunch of stickers - like a thousand. I'm not sure how many would be repeats, but let's say that there are no or very few repeats. I'd design them myself, and they'd be small - 1-2 inches long. And I'd stick them on the wall. And they'd require fairly intricate cutting.


(I've heard Silhoutte's cutters are good for small, intricate work.)


I'm not sure what I'd design the stickers - I made some prototypes in Adobe Illustrator, using a free trial. That worked well, but I don't know if I can afford illustrator. Maybe I could design them using Silhouette software. And then maybe I'd use Silhouette software to make the registration marks.


I was thinking about printing them out on Phototex adhesive sheets, on a standard desktop printer.


Anyway I'm new at all this, and don't really know what I'm doing, so I'm just looking for some feedback and advice.


Thanks a lot!

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USCUTTER silhouette page for starters.


The Cameo is a good cutter I have one and also a SC. The Cameo is convenient for small decals under 12". The basic software is ok to use but can be limiting. The designer upgrade is supposed to be better but I have yet to get that. In the basic software it sets you up to print and cut with in it. I do not use the feature much as I do not have a good printer for vinyl. 


For detail it does really nice, I can't remember the name of the member on here but do a search for steam punk (sp) it shows some really good detail the Cameo can do

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