Join or Die Snake (shared)

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I got a request to do a window decal of this design for a customer, and thought others might want a copy of it as well.   The customer had seen it cut from "etched-glass" vinyl and applied to a tinted car window - personally I had never thought of using that material on a tinted window, but the picture they sent made it look good.


I could not find a free vector copy of this version online - I found several of the 50 piece snake, but not this 8 piece design, so I found a hi-res JPG of the original image, cleaned it up, tweaked the contrast and then fed it to Vector Magic.  I did a lot of node cleanup to make it a little simpler and took out some of the rough edges, plus re-typed the text to be cleaner.


I'm reasonably certain that Ben Franklin's copyright has expired by now on the original design, and I hereby grant full rights to all of you to use this file as you please for all personal and commercial use.  Enjoy!



Join or Die.eps


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