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Advice on package - ready to buy

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I am curious- I am ready to buy this week and I am a newbie but have been reading for a while. I would like to buy either the copam 24in or the zencut 24in. (zencut color is ugly- geez). I have a mac pro 8core with mac Flexistarter 8.5 v2 on my home computer (bought from uscutter last summer- got some vinyl as well) and I intend to cut vinyl so I can make signs. This will be my main cutter for a while as I grow - I do want to make this into a full time business at some point.

{In regards to above and below: Not sure how contour cutting comes into play here - but maybe someone could guide me. }

I also want to make designs that can go onto t shirts and hoodies. I need a heat press as well (want swing away) and 120 power. Be nice if I got one that in the future can work with hats - don't think I would do mugs, buttons anytime soon.

Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

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I agree on the Geo Knight Combo Press..I have that press without the attachments..I intend to sell my Geo hat press and an older mug press to buy the attachments for the combo press...

I am not sure about anything on the Roland cutter ( I don't have one) but I am positive on a Graphtec cutter..It's simply the best on the market..

If you plan to print and contour cut later on get a cutter with ARMS...(automatic registration mark sensor)... you will need it to print and cut out a design..If your just doing cut n weed vinyl and have no intention of ever printing the feature will be dormant and never used...I print and contour daily on my equipment..Handy as a pocket on a shirt...

Hope it helps


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