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Found 67 results

  1. Hello, A couple of months ago I purchased this new Vevor KI-720 cutter, which came with Signmaster software and USB cable. Out of the box and everything connected the feed rollers did not rotate, while the display was showing that they should. It wasn't able to feed vinyl. What I did was opening the cutter to find the motor that drives the feed rollers, to measure if there was any power getting to it. When I opened the bottomplate, I saw that the entire power supply was loose inside the cutter, while it should be bolted down to the bottomplate. This might have happened during shipping from China to me. Because the power supply was loose it must have bumped the connector to the feed roller motor, because that connector was loose and some pins of the motor were bent. Easy fix: straightened the pins, connected the connector, bolted the power supply down to the bottom plate and it functioned. I also had minor problems with getting the Signmaster software to recognize the plotter, as I was not able to select any plotter in a drop down menu. I contacted Future software, opened a ticket, and they helped fixing the issue within a day or 2. I had to download and install new Signmaster software and after that it worked and I was able to send designs to the cutter. ^Power supply loose inside of cutter. Also connector of feed rollers motor came off. ^New Vevor vinyl cutter. ^Sending design to vinyl cutter with signmaster software. ^Little bit of customization... 20210419_213954.mp4

    Cutter install in Flexi 10.5

    Design in Flexi, export as .eps, save file, import and cut with Signmaster. People come here with many problems on those Vevor cutters. I use bare bones Flexistarter 8.6 to cut with. Have Flexidesigner 10.5 to design with.
  3. BONJOUR, j'ai un traceur vevor et le logiciel signmaster. depuis hier, j'ai un message d'erreur sur mon écran error right, mon plotter tape a droite et il se met en défaut. pouvez vous m'aider svp Merci d'avance [HELLO, i have a vevor plotter and the signmaster software. since yesterday, I have an error message on my screen error right, my plotter taps to the right and it goes into default. Can you help me please thank you in advance]

    Seiki 870T Password

    Check out Vevor brand. They have SK 870 models and are newer vinyl cutters than Seiki. I have not read good things about Vevor. People come here and can't get them working. Real Seiki cutters have a raised metal logo attached to their cutters on the left side. Just like UScutter has rebranded vinyl cutters from other brands, that SK model could be used on other brands, VEVOR brand has many different vinyl cutters, plus they sell other items of machinery. 870 is just a width of the vinyl cutter. Not the brand name. SK is not a brand name. You will just have to search 870 models with lasers. You should be contacting where you bought the vinyl cutter.
  5. slice&dice

    Cutter install in Flexi 10.5

    Your cutter is a Chinese-made brand called VEVOR. If you want to utilize that with Flexi, you're outta luck, because it's not a supported cutter in Flexi. You will need to contact FutureCorp. software support team directly in order to sort out your registration problem.(your screen shot shows "Not Activated")
  6. *UPDATE* Sorry, just realized I think I posted this in the wrong forum.... my cutter isn't MH series.. Recently bought a Vevor KI-870A with the intention to mainly cut htv. When I try and cut vinyl or plot with pen, the corners don't register properly and I get the issue seen in the image attached. Would love a solution please! TIA..
  7. hello all. I am in need of some pinch roller assembly for my vevor SK-870. I have purchased what I thought was the correct rollers, but they do not fit on the back. The gap is too small to go over the rail in the back of the cutter. Does USCutter make a roller compatible to the Vevor SK-870? If so I would love to purchase a couple of them for my machine.


    The OP hasn't been on here for over a year. Contact Vevor, your tech support. There is only a handful of members that answer questions on here and they don't own a VEVOR. Or try what was mentioned above your post. No one has stated that the above Vevor was fixed.
  9. Hello everybody! Recently bought a Vevor KI-720A to do small things around the house, just a hobby! The software that came with it is SignMaster 3.x and the few times I used it it worked correctly, but I took advantage of the discount and updated it to the CUT V5 Basic Edit version, everything is working with the exception of the following: During the contour cutting process, when I'm going to align the 4 points, if for some reason I click on the arrow to move the head to the right, it moves to the left and if I don't reset or turn off the head it keeps crashing at the end until I turn it off or do a reset (There is no limit switch on both sides). The impression I have is that when I press the button to the right, the SignMaster sends a negative number and I put the head in ZERO and it moves to the opposite side as if it were to take a turn. Has anyone had a similar problem? Do you have any tips to solve this problem? Thank you all!
  11. MikelisL

    VEVOR 53 cutter software

    Hello. I recently got VEVOR 53 cutter. It came with ArtCut 6 cutting software. This software is very complicated and got lot of stuff I don't need in cutter software. I want to switch to Sign Cut Pro 2. Does any one knows how to set up this cutter with this software? And is it possible after-all? Maybe someone can suggest software that is kinda similar to Sign Cut and work with my cutter. Thank you for help in advance.
  12. Rayzor

    VEVOR KI 870

    I am looking for an extra blade holder for this cutter, Anyone know if it is the same as another cutter, parts wise ? Had my cutter for a month now , and having fun with it.
  13. slice&dice

    The Vevor

    A while back, I helped a friend to set up a cutting studio of their own. The machine we went with is a Vevor 34" and since I'm just sitting around here with a few minutes of free time (aren't we all?!!) I figured it might be interesting to make a post that relates our experiences with that unit. Let's start with the original advertisment of the cutter --- it shows a configuration of grit rollers similar to the LP3 and Titan models. In other words, there are specific locations of the rollers, at spaced intervals across the lower plate. That arrangement is clearly visible in the pictures accompanying the eBay listing. (This type of setup helps to improve long-length tracking of the vinyl). The actual cutter that arrived has grit rollers all across the machine, similar to the MH and SC2. OK, next --- The LED illumination. This is an impressive blue light that has a separate on-off switch, if you don't want the light lit. The advertisement didn't show this feature in the photos and it came as a surprise (in fact, I didn't know there was such a light, until I wondered about a little button on the back and pressed it). Another thing was the media basket, included with the stand. Now, when you look at the picture, the first thing you realize is the vinyl holder (2 steel rollers) is mounted to the front. We did not assemble the stand like that, and put the rollers to the rear, as I'm used to. Onwards --- getting our first cuts. I did not install the supplied SignMaster (a version of VinylMaster) at first, and opted to just go with SignBlazer, figuring I could get this thing running with that. Well, it did operate (RedSail driver) but the cuts were off, leaving distinct 'tabs' on the circles (end of cut on circles not coming to the same point as the beginning point. Using other drivers (Roland, LiYu, Copam) produced the same results. I messed around with the overcut and offset settings, but couldn't get it right. So, SignMaster was implemented with the machine-specific driver that is included (There's a big yellow sticker right on the front of the unit that says use the D870 model when installing the software). Yeah, that resolved the problem, and the cuts were fine using it. Of course, that meant my friend had to re-learn the design software (she had been familiar with the workings of SBE and liked it). As a workaround for her, I showed how to do designs in SBE, export as .eps and Import to the S-M program for cutting. A bit cumbersome with a few extra mouse clicks and keyboard keystrokes, and she's getting used to SignMaster as she goes along. What else? The cutter is quieter than the SC2 I own. Still, it's a stepper motor, and as such, produces a bit of 'chatter' as it goes around. Overall, for $320 (including 'fast&free' shipping) this Chinese cutter serves the purpose (and is already paid for itself several times over). In my humble opinion, the US Cutter LP3 34" at $650 is a superior value overall. But, I guess that's comparing apples to oranges. Thanks for listening. Stay safe, stay home, and stay busy!
  14. Li'l Popeye

    Some work I have done.

    Hello, I'm new here, but have been making decals since 2008 once in a while with a Roland CX24. Since 2021 I use a Vevor KI-720 vinyl cutter. Here is some of my work. ^Decals on this car and trailer have been made with the Vevor vinyl cutter. The trailer original was white, we have wrapped it with black vinyl before applying decals. ^Our pulling tractor. Decals have been made by ourselves. ^One of my homemade minibikes. "Herbie" theme applied. ^Another homemade minibike of me with all decals applied. ^Applying decals to minibike parts. The grey background is also vinyl. Popeye's head consists of: Black, white, light pink, pink, yellow and brown. ^Designed with combination of Gimp, Inkscape and Signmaster. Cut with the new Vevor vinyl cutter KI-720. ^My first ever HTV job. These are 100% polyester safety vests. I have made some tests before with normal t shirt.
  15. Did you follow the instructions that we gave you on your first thread in Feb? Make sure you find the FTDI driver (online) for your computer operating system, download and install, and run, Reboot computer. Go into your computer device manager, find the com port number 1-4 nothing higher. Then choose the same com port number in Signmaster. The com port numbers must match or the computer will never communicate with the cutter. USB is not TRUE USB in value cutters, like higher end cutters. I have not read anything good about Vevor. You can put Vevor in the search box upper right and choose everything.
  16. Wkdemers1

    Mystery cutter KI-720

    I found a machine at the trusty pawn shop the other day and couldn't resist. It doesn't appear to be used at all, still has the protective films on it. I've tried using it under VEVOR KI-720 in the one software that actually lists that model in the menu but no luck. The USB jack was bent a little but my computer sees a USB device in device manager that corresponds to the machine in question. I've downloaded and installed most of the popular cut programs under demo mode and it appears the softwares are so limited I can't find any cutter models in the setup menus at all except the Sure Cuts A Lot demo that doesn't work. The machine doesn't look antiquated at all but although generic it appears modern. I'm not sure the machine is even a VEVOR brand, there's only the model number on it. I see the same KI-720 model number on Alibaba and a couple of other obscure China websites that provide no apparent support.

    Mystery cutter KI-720

    Vinyl master has that cutter listed Make sure you find the FTDI driver (online) for your computer operating system, download and install, and run, Reboot computer. Go into your computer device manager, find the com port number 1-4 nothing higher. Then choose the same com port number in Vinylmaster. USB is not TRUE USB in value cutters, like higher end cutters. I have not read anything good about Vevor. You can put Vevor in the search box upper right and choose everything.

    MH721 with flexisign 10

    Yes, I see it is a Vevor brand.(after searching model number) People come here and claim it is a night mare machine. Just put Vevor in the upper right search box. (search everything) Plenty comes up.
  19. BellaBricksPlus

    MH721 with flexisign 10

    yeah i think I'm starting to see the issue, ive just googled KI-870A and it comes up with a VEVOR machine that looks exactly like this one, and looking at images of the MH721 on US Cutter website there's a subtle difference like sticker location and the LCD panel is blue where mines white... i may have been had over as i know VEVOR machines dont work with Flexisign (so ive read) i have a small work around, i draw and design in flexi, export and then import into sign master and it cut perfectly


    It appears your vinyl cutter is a Vevor. so contact their support. I have only seen people on here screaming that their Vevor cutter is a nightmare,
  21. Li'l Popeye

    Hello from Europe

    Hi, It's me; John! From Netherlands. I'm not a professional signmaker, just a hobbyist, I wouldn't even call myself a signmaker. About me: Born in 1976, occupation: welder/mechanic. I have had a Roland CX-24, with flexisign 7.5 pro software, working with a Compaq laptop running Windows XP since 2007. Purchased to make our own decals for our pulling tractor. Fast forward to 2021....Because I couldn't get it to work with a new PC with windows 10 and no serial port, I have sold the complete Roland setup for €500,- and bought a new cutter for €250,-. The new cutter is a Vevor KI-720 A. It came with Signmaster software and USB connection cable. It looks very similar to MH cutters, and my guess is that they might be fabricated at the same company or at least in the same country. Anyway; while searching for any info about these cutters I came across this forum, so here I am. I also purchased a cheap heat press recently for €80,-. The Vevor cutter is working perfectly, now. I did have some problems, but solved them. Some problems have been fixed because I found the same issues that people were having with their MH cutter here on this site. I will make some new posts about the problems, issues, spare parts and breakage I have had already, as it might help someone. Groeten en houdoe! (it's Dutch...)

    US Cutter Out of Stock

    Is Vevor still in business? Their website is Copyright 2015 showing 2017 NEW arrivals. This is what searches of Vevor bring up.
  23. The Hanzo

    VEVOR nightmare

    is there any software out there compatible with a vevor VV375 cutter. artcut came with it and i cant even use the images that came with disk. also the image tracing is sub par. the machine cuts well just cant find anything that will play with it..HElp!
  24. viol8ion

    Cutting Plotter 1350 driver anyone?

    I have a K1-1350 and it came with SignMaster Cut, basic cutting software. It came with signmaster on a thumbdrive - which could not be used to install the software. Had to use the optical drive to install.It's decent budget cutter, but so far has been working flawlessly. If you can find a copy of SignMaster Cut, it comes with the drivers and all that is needed. Of course since I am answering you two years too late, if you haven't gotten it working then you likely have tossed it. I bought mine new from for around $500. Mine has a comm port, which your model unfortunately does not have - and the comm port is easiest way to set up. If you use the USB port, then you need the driver.
  25. TROUBLE STRUCK: HELP NEEDED Hi Everyone I am facing the issue of black vinyl peeling off in the adjoining picture. It has been happening only with the black vinyl, rest of the colors are fine. This has been happening after a few days of the first wear. I have applied Heat transfer vinyl (other colors of vinyl on to the colored fabric) sometimes using household iron and sometimes using heat press but have never experienced this before. Here are the details: HTV Brand: BFlex Preheat temperature: 150 deg celcius Pressing time: 15-20 seconds Shirt material: Pure Cotton (Brand Anko available at Kmart) Heat press used: Vevor I tried pressing the vinyl again using heat press but on one or two shirts it started to peel off again after I test washed it. I am giving it a normal wash with maximum temperature of 80 degree celcius (in accordance with the data sheet of the vinyl). I had a word with someone else in the company and was told that the white fabrics and garments are coated with some sort of stain resistant coating so they don't get stained while passing through many hands. This may interfere with the sticking of the vinyl. What am I doing wrong guys?