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  1. Apologies for taking so long to get back here, and thanks for the replies. This happens on almost everything we cut, but I've attached a single eps that is a prime example of this issue. There are four shapes in the file; a square, a circle, an oval, and a round-cornered hexagon. They are all very clean shapes with as few nodes as possible. (The "L" shape I mentioned in the first post only has 7 nodes.) Even the hex in the attached file only has 12 nodes total. The straight lines cut very fast, but any time the blade gets to a curve, the speed drops to somewhere around 1 inch per second, moving in rapid jerking motions. Thanks for the help! 119395 AMP_Hood-Stickers V2.eps
  2. I'm very new to this process so perhaps this is a common issue, but Google wasn't my friend on this topic so I'm turning to you fine folks. I have a few thousand small "L"-shaped labels to cut. The top of the shape is rounded with a half-circle, and has a radius of about .25". I created the art in Illustrator using just three anchors for the start, middle and end of the curve. The entire shape is one continuous vector path. The plotter file was set up in Graphtec Studio from an imported .eps. It is cutting accurately and cleanly, but the curved segments are very herky-jerky and cut at about 1/10th speed of the straight segments. Is this expected behavior? If not, what other information could I provide to help figure it out? Thanks so much in advance! We use a Graphtec model FC8600