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  1. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Titan 2 Contour Cutting Problems

    so i just did another test and if i make a 1/2" box around the contour cut, it cuts completely fine.
  2. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Titan 2 Contour Cutting Problems

    so the graphic you see is cut from feeding on a 90 degree from what is shown. here is a pic of the graphic in the plotter.
  3. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Titan 2 Contour Cutting Problems

    the design is well within the boundaries of the plotter. ive done the same with a 8x11 piece of paper and printed a circle and contour cut it with a pen, and it does the same thing.
  4. So just recently I've been running into this problem. I have a contour cut around a object that is round and at the origin of the cut it cuts that area flat. you can see in the photos whats its doing. I do all my contour cuts in Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 5. This is what it is supposed to look like. This was the first truck i did. Any help would be great, thanks in advance!
  5. I am having some problems with getting my titan 2 working. it was working fine, but now im having issues. Im running windows 7 ultimate 64bit I installed the drivers from USCutter and those installed fine to my USB008 Port In devices & printers it shows an unspecified device called SAGA Cutter Plotter I have the plotter installed in devices and printers and its pointing to the USB008 Port. I setup everything in Flexi19 and im trying to cut and its giving me an error. Ive tried changing printer cables, deleting the drivers and reinstalling them, with no change. any help would be great!
  6. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Bayliner Boat Decal by Visual Expressions

    I pre-transferred 2 colors at a time so i just had to layer 2 layers on the boat. The boat was still supposed to be dry docked when i got there, the boat was gone. The marina decided to put the boat in the water without notifying my client.
  7. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Bayliner Boat Decal by Visual Expressions

    I did some work for a customer at a local marina yesterday. Here are some pics of the job. Equipment Information Cutter: USCutter Refine MH721-MK2 Vinyl: Oracal 751 Colors: Brown, Light Brown, Light Green & Black -Before- -Design- -Rendered on Photo- -Completed and Installed- And yes, I installed it while the boat was in the water...
  8. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Landscaping Fleet by Visual Expressions (PICTURE HEAVY)

    The graphic is layered
  9. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Landscaping Fleet by Visual Expressions (PICTURE HEAVY)

    On all the dumps, i just did the doors and the GVW on either the Tool boxes or the dump bed. There were only 2 trucks that actually have tailgates. The F150 and the F250. I did apply vinyl to the F150 tailgate. The F250 is waiting for a new bed and tailgate to be installed so, i am waiting for those before finishing that truck
  10. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Maple Landscaping Fleet by Visual Expressions

    USCutter Products Used: Refine MH 721-MK2 Oracal 751 Vinyl - Black - Lime-Tree Green - Brown - Golden Yellow
  11. Here are some photos of the recent Landscaping Fleet we are lettering! Used Refine MH 721-MK2 - All vinyl used was Oracal 751 Lime-Tree Green, Brown, Black & Golden Yellow I used Flexi Sign-Pro 8.1 to design graphics 4 of the trucks are done and we have 4 to go plus I am still working on the design for all 3 trailers!
  12. VisualExpressionsNJ

    Hello from Cherry Hill, NJ

    Hey all, My name is Harold and i am the owner/operator of Visual Expressions of New Jersey. We specialize in vehicle lettering, small run printing, custom apparel and computer graphic design. I've had a sign business in the past and am not a newbie when it comes to the sign industry. I'm currently using an Refine MH 721-MK2 28" cutter for my vinyl cutting. Was on a tight budget to start since my old cutter crapped out, but the Refine is doing its job for the time being. I am currently lettering a complete landscaping fleet with 8 trucks, 3 enclosed trailers and a couple machines. I will post some pics when i get finished some of the vehicles. Always good to read some of the previous posts and get input. Looking forward to chatting with the community!