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  1. Macee80

    Multi Color Not Sticking to Transfer tape

    Yea, I use a spare room in my house for this, everything was kept to temp. I tried a few different kinds I had laying around. The roll is about a year old, probably less. I tried a different roll of at65, Ht55, which I know is low tack. I also tried a transfer rite ultra, this is an older roll and I wouldn’t trust it, but tried anyway. The at65 is my go to, I use it daily, and haven’t had issues with it before on multi color jobs, I figured it was something with the vinyl. But after changing the colors around (switching the green and white) I still had the same issue. I have some freedom with the decal itself, maybe I’ll try to make the letters a little bigger and see if that helps? I ordered some high tack to try, after that If it doesn’t work, I’m just going to pass on the job as much as it sucks i appreciate your help, I’m burned out on this one, a second set of eyes and someone with more experience is super helpful
  2. Macee80

    Multi Color Not Sticking to Transfer tape

    I squeegee the crap out of it, tried it both ways, lifting th vinyl and flipping it over and peeling the backing off. My only issue is, I put instructions with each order, but we both know people don’t read them. The “I know what I’m doing guys” Although it works peeling the backing off vs lifting the vinyl, I’m going to say 75 percent if not more won’t do it the correct way. I’ll try lifting up the pressure on the green a little bit while cutting. I’m just surprised that the green that isn’t layered lifts, but the layered does not. Yes i I am laying the green on top of the white, using registration marks. I’m afraid if I use high tack the smaller letters won’t transfer to the window or whatever they are placing these on
  3. Macee80

    Multi Color Not Sticking to Transfer tape

    This is part of the decal. the part that will not stick to the transfer tape
  4. Hello all, ive been doing multi color decals for some time now, and havnt had any issues. Have a customer who wants 150 two color decals. Easy enough, ive done this countless times for others. NOT TODAY. Im using oracal 651 white, laying over a lime green avery vinyl. Every part of the decal that is a single color pulls up fine, everything that has two colors layered will not come up with the transfer tape. I am using AT65 transfer tape. Looking for some help with this, as im running out of time. Also, i have tried switching the colors, as i thought it may have been something with the bottom layer (avery lime green), still the lettering that is two colors will not come up with the transfer tape. I hope this make sense and i hope someone can point me into the right direction. Im not sure if the second half of my roll of tape is bad, two weeks ago i did a run of 50 three color decals and had no issues.
  5. Macee80

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    Im going to buy some of this, it looks to be the closest I could find. Thanks for the help, I’ll check back once I get this.
  6. Macee80

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    I don’t need much, I have a friend that wants a few things cut for his kid, he was looking for something like this. I’d also like to offer it, because I like it too. It’s different.
  7. Macee80

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    That’s my thought too, I’ve looked through my Oracal fan, and my Avery book with no avail. Didnt think of the “confetti” thanks
  8. Macee80

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    Hello, I am trying to find a red metallic-ish vinyl. I found an Instagram page where someone was using what I am looking for. Asked a few times for some information on it, got no response. I am hoping someone where can help me find what I am looking for. here is a pic I swiped to show the vinyl.
  9. Macee80

    Help with logo

    Our local high school football team has this "dawgs" logo on their helmets. I am trying to replicate this for a parent for their vehicle. but seeing how poor the quality is, I cant make it work. I wish I could have gotten my hands on it before it made it to the helmet. can anyone help? thanks
  10. So i imported the DFX file, although that worked great, ive found out that this is indeed to small for me to work with, i cant get clean cuts in the smaller areas, even on my slowest setting on the cutter. im really just not happy the way it was turning out, i cant spend 30-40 minutes weeding something so small. im not going to give up on this, just try to tweak some stuff to make it work better, i didnt want to make this a huge decal, but the smaller it is, the harder. thanks for the help, i appreciate it a ton.
  11. yes, i almost always start a design in corel, its just easier in my opinion. i hate to say this, but i always copy and past, and usually have good luck with it, but i have never imported a file into vinylmaster. i will give this a shot and see what happens. being that i use autocad everyday for work, that is my "go to" for things like this, ill try the .DFX too, never gave that a thought. duh. im pretty new to the vinyl world as far as complex stuff goes.
  12. Hi All, i had been using coreldraw to cut with prior to this, as we all know that can be hit or miss, now i have bought a new cutter, and it came with vinyl master cut, im not real smooth with vinyl master yet, its a struggle. coreldraw on the other hand i have used enough to get pretty good with it. so here is what i am trying to do. my step father wants a 4th armored division decal for him and his army friends. i went ahead and said sure i can do this for you guys, seeing how its a layered job and doesnt seem to bad. Boy i was wrong. So from the start to where i am now. copied the image into coreldraw, traced it, wasn't happy with the way it came out, some lines that should have been straight were curved ect.. so i redrew it in autocad, perfect, printed it into pdf form, then copied and pasted into coreldraw, i was going to make layers and such in there to make the process easier in vinylmaster. when i pasted the pdf into corel draw some of the lines were lined up or connected completely, went ahead and spent some time fixing that within coreldraw, only for it to do the same thing in vinylmaster when i pasted into vinylmaster. this is the image i am trying to replicate. this is my autocad drawing, in pdf form copied into corel draw. this too is the pdf file, notice how the circle do not align, when i drew this in autocad, i made on of these ovals, and offset the outter portion, also in autocad everything was aligned and joined together as one piece, i then copied them around the outside to replicate the original 4th armored division patch. after placing in vinylmaster, it looks the same as it does in corel draw, did a test cut just to see what would happen, and it cut just as it is shown above. could the line weights i am using in autocad be the problem? my question is, can i make this work in vinylmaster without having to redraw this? i dont know my way around vinylmaster well enough to do this in any way, shape or form, fast. any tips, or advice would be great, and if this is something that cant be done, or i have it butchered beyond repair, so be it. thanks showing the problem in vinylmaster too.
  13. I will give this a shot thanks
  14. Hi all, a friend of my recently was unloading his setup, that he had not used in awhile. I wanted to buy just the material, software, clipart and stuff, but I had to “take the whole works”. So now here I am with another cutter, but no drivers ect.. I see that I will need an adaptor from parallel to usb to run with my newer pc. What I am trying to find out, can I use this with windows 10? Id like to put this to work on smaller stuff rather than the roland. If not, im not entirely sure what im going to do with it. Thanks.
  15. Macee80

    Text "shadow" help

    Took me a few tries but I got it thanks a bunch, this was perfect