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  1. I've been having very frustrating cut depth issues with my Titan 2 I use for personal work at home. I've spent a lot of time calibrating and replacing parts, but its like it's impossible to find the happy medium... I use a graphtec at my job, and the blade holder uses a spring loaded blade so there's less calibration for depth. You more just need to adjust the pressure. Has anyone done or have any insights on retrofitting a spring loaded blade holder on a titan or cutter that has a fixed blade?
  2. Does anyone here either know about or use a vinyl lettering configurator for their website? I want to add a function to my website that allows the users to design their own lettering. Would like to include a color pallet, size scaling, font styles, stroke, 3D effects, and general text effects options such as arched and arced text. I've been doing some research and all the wordpress plugins made for this are missing these options and have horrible reviews. There's a lot a graphic company websites that have these features, but I'm assuming they were privately made. Should I hire a freelancer to make me a plugin or is there something out there that I'm missing? I would appreciate any insight anyone has! Thanks!
  3. My Titan II was working great up until today. I've used this machine for about a year and now I can barely explain whats going wrong. When I send a job to the cutter, the cutter will leave tiny gaps between shapes and letters that result in me having to cut/tear the vinyl manually. Additionally, the cutter blade seems to be lifting thin cut shapes out of the vinyl that end up scattered on my designs and blade. This never happened before. I've researched this issue thoroughly. I've added a new blade, lubed the holder, calibrated the offset multiple times and still the same problem. I also messed around with the overcut but I genuinely don't know what it does. As the name suggests I figured this would solve one of my issues but no matter how high I set it, I get the same problem. I even set it to its max (4.00) but I don't even know what type of measurement this is. I also found that maybe I need a new blade holder? Do blade holder suddenly go bad like this? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Max blade depth was a poor choice of words. I mean minimum blade depth (Blade is barely sticking out and I have to use a lot of manual pressure to cut the vinyl). Blades do not appear broken at all. I just placed an order for a new holder. Hopefully this solves my issue.
  5. I actually changed the blade again before your comment and got the same poor results. Although I think you may be onto something, because while I was scratching the vinyl and doing sharp turns the corners peeled up. Even at the max blade depth.
  6. Oh yeah, I manually scratched the vinyl with the blade holder. You can definitely barely see the blade pointing out and I couldn't cut through the paper backing even with all my force.
  7. I've set the blade to a really low depth so i don't think that's the problem. I just set it slightly lower and increased the pressure and this is what I got. I think it has to be the blade holder. Do you do any maintenance or replacements on the blade holder Skeeter?
  8. I've had my cutter with vinyl master for about 3 months now and I want to try my hand at contour cutting. I looked up an outdated video on YouTube where the operator seems to work through it with no issues. However, after I import my images and go into the Contour cut wizard The program will not trace the image. I'm using .png images I created with Photoshop. I want to make Lego mini figure decals as shown in the pictures. Hopefully someone can help with this problem!
  9. I just bought the LaserPoint II vinyl cutter and was wondering about my cutting software choices. I know Illustrator very well and I have used the cutting master plugin at my school. Will this plugin connect with any type of vinyl cutter? I downloaded and installed it, but when I try using it no devices to cut show up. I installed the drivers via the setup web page but the device is still "unknown". I really don't want to use the Vinyl Master software that came with the cutter because I was hoping I could sell it online and get back a piece of my investment. If I have to use the Vinyl Master software to activate my cutter I will, but I don't think that is the case. - Sorry this is a bit of a two question post but I really want to get this thing started!
  10. Thanks a lot for your guys help! I had to set an origin that worked with the dimensions I was using.
  11. Hey, I just bought the USCutter laserPoint II and just installed my copy of Vinyl master cut. Before I cut on any vinyl material I wanted to make sure everything was working properly. I got my self a normal 8.5-11 piece of paper and loaded it in my cutter along with the pen attachment. I then went on my vinyl master cut software and setup my design to be cut (A simple Star Wars text x2). I made sure that the dimensions of the cut would fit the 11 inch width of my paper. I then confirmed my cut and the cutter was able to draw one of my designs within the paper but the other one was drawn off the paper and I had to stop the machine. I was wondering how I can confidently align my designs with the material that I am using. Any help at all would be great!
  12. Oh, okay I see. Do you know of an Illustrator plugin that is compatible with the US Cutter LaserPoint II cutter that I bought? Or can vinyl master work with ai files? Thanks for the response!