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    concrete walls/colored vinyl

    I have a client that's looking to do some designs on a concrete wall inside of a gym. The design is simple and single colored but I'm looking for advice, what works best for a concrete block wall that is painted. I know they have rough wall vinyl and such but that is for a printer and cost wise I don't see it being effective to have it printed then cut. My thoughts would be to use a solid color vinyl in the color and lay it on the wall. To give you an idea its EKG strip(heart beat strip) going around the room in all around 50' at about 20'' tall
  2. so i need your thoughts... A local graphic designer approached me to print and make some banners for a client of hers. She is a work from home style person with no ability or knowlege in sign making. She gave me the information for the desired product and I gave a quote for her to pass on to the client. I told her I would invoice the client myself and deliver it to them(since it was also local) few hours later she responded that it was a go and she stated "when you send the invoice charge her $450 and then just give me 50 cash of it). My thought are thats shady way since i know she gets paid already for designing it and now wants more. She told me im cheaper than the other person by almost $1 sq foot. Once I delivered the product the client was mad bc the colors didnt match and threatened to make me re print it.(not my fault i printed what i was given) fast forward a few weeks and she again asked me for a quote for some signs. After the previous issues with her i had told her i want to deal with the client, invoice them direct and have taking time with then to insure they get what they have in mind with no issues. She told me each place would pay separate but she needed an idea on cost since the client had a budget of $600 for a 20''x30'' double sided sign. She then told me she was charging 300 for each sign to design them(5 of them). long story short i gave the cost and she then turned around and said to invoice her and she would just bill the client. From prior clients and knowing that they were under budget for each sign, i feel like she saw this as a way to make even more money... AM i wrong? how do you deal with your local graphic only designers? sorry for any spelling or issues hopefully it makes sense?
  3. Thanks everyone advise is greatly appreciated. I totally get what each of you says and I see both sides. I was just seeking your thoughts. my biggest thing was taking the clients budget and charging the full amount for something that shouldn't be... I mean would you pay for a aluminum faced composite (omega bond) 20"x30" double side print with laminate,square in shape, with design ...$600. Or even close to that ? I want a designer that's honest to The amount they charge for the work they do.. I want repeat customers not one time empty their pockets and try to find another Maybe I'm wrong?
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    Jeep Dealership Job..

    stupid question.... if I make that for a John Doe customer it would be a copyright issue, but its okay to reproduce company logos for the dealership? JW i had a dealer ask me about it and I told them I wanted approval from the company before i venture into that task...Was I wrong?
  5. I was on the website and noticed 2 different kinds of roland blades, a regular and a zecu blade. Whats the difference and what do you use? I have a Titan 3 so you know. thanks
  6. sorry for not clarifying but the red is paint already done and the outlines in black are standard cast vinyl. the and rest is reflective.
  7. OK guys need some help. I recently quoted this and now its becoming an issues like my quote is way off. I would like your opinions on what range you would do. Keep in mind this is all reflective with the exception of the black on the outlines. I'm getting second thoughts that my price was too low anyway, and this is just trying to get me to change my price more. thanks!
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    Yard signs

    Where are you located?
  9. do you have pictures?
  10. Does anyone have one they use for design? if so what program do you use and how do you like it. I ran into issues with flexi 12 with mine and acording to SA they dont have answers for me. I attached a photo of what I deal with and you will see in comparison to some of the others and the normal windows icons that the flexi icons are small and don't change with the computer settings.
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    Can you cut from a Surface Pro 3?

    I started out with a LPII i loved it. Ive moved on to a titan 3 now and i couldn't be happier for the price.
  12. j.ldesigns

    Can you cut from a Surface Pro 3?

    What software do you use?
  13. j.ldesigns

    Online Vinyl Purchase

    uscutter is my go to for my stuff! the price is good and fast shipping... where are you located? I personally get from 4 different places for different materials depending on vinyl, specialty,substrates or wrap supplies.
  14. j.ldesigns

    Mutoh 628x

    Anyone out there have one/ thoughts, good, bad, ugly. Im looking into one. I know your probably like get a 54 ect, and I would love to if space and extra funds allowed. Ive looked into the bn-20 and mutoh 628x just for its option of white ink printing as for my main thing to market would be printed vehicle magnets, truck perf for rear windows and small full color fridge magnets that I would cut on a hand cutter once the vinyl was placed or print direct to the material. Currently have a titan 3 and a laserpoint 2 for contour cutting and FLEXI 12 thanks
  15. j.ldesigns

    Mutoh 628x

    what one is it? brand new or used?
  16. j.ldesigns

    Mutoh 628x

    so whats your thoughts on a good model? roland bn20 or 30" or go with the mutoh and use my standard cutter that i have for the contour cutting
  17. j.ldesigns

    Mutoh 628x

    well after even more thinking and discussion i believe im going to re arrange things and go with a factory referb 1324 54'' its the same price as a 628x with ink and it will open up the banner printing options.
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    some recient projects

    its printed with some cut vinyl added after it was completed to add more to the look otherwise its 95% print
  19. j.ldesigns

    some recient projects

    let me know your thoughts
  20. j.ldesigns

    some recient projects

    you know I never noticed that. They had a friend design the company logos.. ...I guess she forgot something
  21. So im new to the emergency vehicle pricing and i want to see what your thoughts are on price for these. Keep in mind the blue suv had a silver corburn stripe on top and bottom, I had to outsorce it since it was printed with a black edge and lamanated wide than the stripe to help seal it. it was supplied to me in small rolls. Vinyl used was orcal 5600
  22. I used 5600 for some EMS installs it meets standards acording to the specs I read. I liked it but I havent tried other brands.
  23. ok so im having this issue when I cut small text no matter the font that in the corners where it should be sharp and to a point it makes a really small radius. Its not like rounded but littlerly a small circle in the corners. any thoughts? I use flexi 12 and both my Titan 3 and my laserpoint 2 cutter do this with 45 degree blade. I changed my cutter blade ofsets .25 on both production manager and the machine. thanks
  24. in your flexi settings what is your offset set at?