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    Glitter Vinyl VS. the SUN

    Hey all. Been awhile. Having an old issue that I am trying to solve again but thought I would post about it this time. Hopefully not to get bias answers again. I am in need of help for finding glitter vinyl to make glittery stickers (sparkly, etc however you want to name it) that will last outside in the sun longer than 2 months. LIving in Az, everything that is rated for the sun is cut in half however, I notice there are others with decals that have glitter in it that have lasted a few years on my friends cars that sit outside as well. The companies they have bought the stickers wont reply with the material used and so I am asking on here if there is a company or place to get glitter vinyl that will last in the sun? Currently using oracle glitter and have tried a few others but still it burns/fades to black each time after a few months outside :/ Hopefully someone can let me know of vinyl that works
  2. Hello all, Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Please move if to correct area if it is wrong. I am currently looking for Mechanic shirts and have been having trouble finding them. The design style is similar to this: However, the colors I need instead are: Instead of Blue, I need it to be purple Instead of Red, I need it to be black Grey in the same area. However, I cannot find a place that lets me choose the colors. Also I am looking to make sure it has the pockets, at least one on the left hand side. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
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    Having problems vectorizing this to cut

    Was this ever done? PM if not. Thanks
  4. TauntDevil

    Looking for Mechanic Shirts

    I appreciate it. I know, we are an odd bunch haha Sadly, not many. Maybe 4-5. Basically $100 worth. More would be awesome but I only have $100 to spend on them so. I appreciate it. i looked into them but didnt find purple ones that I was looking for.
  5. Hello all, Just checking in again to see if there have been any new updated regarding high tack clear transfer tape or usable transfer tape at all yet. Last time I asked, the answer was no or people would just go around the question due to lack of understanding so just checking again to see if it exists yet and if so, link? I googled but didnt come across anything new. Thanks
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    Clear Transfer Tape Exist Yet?

    Thank you for the recommendations. I will try both and see how well they work!
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    Thank God for Backups

    Have remote and local backups of my drives. Everything I do from 3d design to decals is saved to a server that I have. This is also backed up the same way and is nice because I can just walk over to my other computers to either pull something to work with or can show someone on my tab what it is. I also have scripts that run for almost all my applications that save every X minutes to a .bak file so if illustrator, photoshop, or anything else crashes that I work with often, I know I can start off near where I was instead of working from scratch. Quite nice and something I recommend.
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    Clear Transfer Tape Exist Yet?

    This stuff doesnt work. I have a roll of this and Rtape AT75. both dont grab the vinyl very well if at all. Especially glitter vinyl. I appreciate the recommendation though.
  9. <p>Hello all.</p> <p> </p> <p>I have finally gotten tired of having to buy a lot of material due to having to waste a lot as well when using my current Laserpoint 2.</p> <p>Due to it not being able to cut further than 12" from the origin correctly, I have decided to upgrade or get a proper cutter so I can buy 24" sheets and cut them out.</p> <p>My guess is since the placement of the rollers are odd on the laserpoint 2, that would be causing my issue. I have posted about it before but no resolution was found and i doubt there will be one so.</p> <p> </p> <p>Any recommendations for around $500?</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>My issue is when it goes to cut the decals in the middle of the sheet, the blade cannot cut through the vinyl fully and thus basically a waste of material since it gets etched but not fully cut. Unable to weed the decals from there. New blade, different types of material, more and less pressure, slow and fast, same results so...</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Thanks all!</p> <p> </p> <p>Also looking for a good software to use. I use SCAL currently which is fine but it cannot do multicolored cuts. It messes up the sizes and all each time you go to cut so...</p>
  10. I appreciate the suggestions. Taping down has worked really well but I am running into an issue that I had in another thread and was wondering if there is a video tutorial or something that shows how to do mutlilayer decals with the paper transfer tape. As the issue I had last time goes, the "high tack" clear transfer tape does not grab the vinyl. unless it is small stuff. Any tips? only thing I could think of was a light up table but I currently dont have space for one at the moment so just seeing if there are any tricks without one for now until I find one for a good price
  11. I saw that post. I tried that as well but had the same issue after pulling the paper out. Mainly the issue is after the registration marks are aligned and your just trying to drop it down. Thats when I have the most difficult time. I appreciate it. Ill start doing this for now one when layering.
  12. I have not contacted support this time yet. Last time, I am unsure what happened but I did not receive a reply. I do have the stand but currently the cutter is not on it because the stand is hard to get too right now due to us just finally moving in. Been moving out and in and out and back in to our new place so all has been hectic with a lot of moving. When I get it out of the boxes whichever one it is in, I will put it on the stand and try again. I also ordered a new strip to just try that. I appreciate it! I will reply once I try both to let you know how it goes Off topic question but has anyone figured out a way to do multicolor decals without having the static issue? Everytime I try, it will pull the bottom decal that I am trying to lay onto, up to the sticker in my hand and then of course ruins the placement because it wasnt suppose too. I was wondering if there is a better way to multilayer decals? I searched but most I see just do it by hand, doesnt look like they have the folding bottom decal issue or static issue like I do? Any tips? Thought about taping the next layer down but was wondering if there was anything else?
  13. I have not changed anything on it other than the blade holder. That link states page unfound error.
  14. I can but doesnt make a difference when it doesnt do well after the next roller. Cuts great 12 in but anything further is basically useless. Better to cut by hand with a razor blade than what the machine does since it doesnt cut through. I appreciate the recommendation. I have heard good of titan so I may just get that.
  15. I like it. I mainly like the holder for the computer and screen, I may need to replicate that for my cutter once I finish the carpet in my room
  16. TauntDevil

    Clear Coat Over Vinyl

    Done this quite a few times. Normally when it is something simple on a car, usually what we have done. Also have applied the sticker and then painted a car so it is "popped" out of the paint. Enough layers as well and sometimes can be as if it isnt a sticker (smooth surface.)
  17. TauntDevil

    Good-bye to serif and Hello sans-serif

    Serif version was better in my opinion. More profession even though google doesn't need to look professional.
  18. TauntDevil

    Does size matter?

    I have done some decals that were about an inch wide. Logo initials but a long word below it like "Fabrication" or similar that were very very small. Sticks well but like you said about the teeny tiny dots above the i and what not that have some issues. Usually good to have a brush on adhesive, and brush a hint onto the back of those to make them stick a little better. Also heat effect them more if they are outside because of how small they are, it is not as spread out and causes them to lose their stick through time so I have seen. I have tried doing super small stuff as well. Maybe not small in size but detailed work in a smaller size than intended like a unicorn that was drawn and has a lot of small pieces floating from it, made it into a 2" sticker because I had spare space on some brush metal vinyl I was working with and thought I would give it a go. Good practice for sure.
  19. Hello all. So I am not exactly sure where to ask this but thought I would ask here. Looking for a home/office wireless printer (due to space issues) that actually works. I have tried many and it seems that no one makes a wireless printer. Says it on the box but doesnt actually work. Of course, I dont need to print images, just data so normally 95% black and white. Of course, the cheaper the better. Thanks.
  20. TauntDevil

    Sidewalk sign

    I like it but I just have a feeling that it needs more spelling errors. Edication, and importent. Just thoughts
  21. TauntDevil

    Heat Printing Equipment Cart by Hotronix Whew

    I can make one of those for half of that price. Actualy... maybe even less lol. Thats a high price for a simple design
  22. TauntDevil

    Looking for a reasonably priced Wireless printer

    I appreciate the recommendations everyone. I will look into the epson printer and see about getting one. I have tried quite a few from HP to currently canon. HP always thinks there is no ink and Canon you have to install the cd everytime you want to use the thing. Or reconfigure the printer if you have a laptop and switched to a different wifi once. Even after you connect to the wifi the printer is configured too, it still wont work. I dont understand why these things have to be so difficult. Its literally like they try to make it difficult for some reason. /end rant. Thanks everyone!
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    Really Dumb question regarding paint and vinyl

    In all honesty, I wouldn't do it. I would just politely tell him that you wont do it. I understand that it may be a first big customer or big project but you can either lose this one customer and maybe one of his friends for not doing the job or you can do the job, get a little money but lose far more money and future customers who will see the job done and it failing (Most likely will from just the idea, not your skills) which they will ask who did it, he will say its you, and that is someone who wont come to you. The work you show, whether yours or someone else's is far more important than anything else you do. Hope that helps. Just my opinion though. Out here, we have turned from many people wanting odd stuff. We usually recommend them to our competitor company. Works pretty good.
  24. Hello all. Odd issue. I just started trying to cut siser Easy weed. It cuts fine but stops at the letter right at the origin of where the cutter sits. Never had this issue before until now. Laserpoint II with 45degree blade. Works great with normal vinyl and all. Hard to see (sorry) but the S after the K is where the issue is. Happens with any decal I go to make.
  25. TauntDevil

    Cutter loses pressure near origin

    So my idiot self figured it out. It was mm.... binding? Basically just crunching the vinyl because it is so flexible and since there wasnt anything holding it down on that side, thats why it happened. Just put the edge to where the knurls are and didnt have as much of an issue. I just need to make sure to find 24" wide vinyl instead since 12" isnt wide enough for the edges to be held.