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  1. Thinking it was a problem with the blade holder. Got the machine working again. Thank you everyone for your help.
  2. About 1". It is very random and on multiple sized letters ranging from 1-4"
  3. So, support just keeps having me change the blade offset up and down. Not much help, still have problems with all my cuts.
  4. Was on hold with support for an hour, maybe they are not in the office any more. Will keep everyone up to date on what support says.
  5. How would you fix a tracking problem?
  6. Is there a phone number? Craft edge says there is no phone contact right now, just email.
  7. Hopefully this photo turns out well... same problem, cut fine with the same settings last week, but now has the same problem.
  8. Perfect, Thanks! Here is the attachment.
  9. I have a pic and I am a total newbie. Can anyone tell me how to add the pic to my post?
  10. So it seemed to fix the problem for the most part, but now it's back. Changed that blade offset, overcut, and I even put a new blade in. Cutting on the Titan 2, Speed: 300 and Pressure: 39. When I change the speed it doesn't fix them problem. I have looked at the drawings and there is no problem there either.
  11. Thank you everyone! This is exactly what I needed tonight I didn't realize I needed to change the overcut that much, but it worked!!! Phew!! My new settings are (blade offset .30 for a 45 blade, and 3.5 mm on the overcut). I was wondering about the design, and there are occational problems with that so I am glad I'm not the only one. I am amazed at how sensative these better machines are. Thanks for all of your help!