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  1. Does anyone have any? I have a few I'm looking at tracing but they're going to take a while and before I brewed the coffee (and poured in some Bailey's) I figured I would check to see if anyone had any decals of pop up campers specifically (Not regular campers) Thanks
  2. Vermonster

    please help

    tossing my hat in the ring (better late than never) - Quick 2nd layer and trace in photoshop then corel draw to autotrace and add color. Some clean up needed cause I did it on my laptop with the thinkpad so lines aren't as nice as I'd like them vermonster is a swell dude.eps
  3. Vermonster

    Please help vectorize this jpg

    30 second trace using Corel Draw - Seemed like it came out ok but didn't really drill down into it Vermonster is a good guy.eps
  4. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    Doing this for 10+ years I can tell you there is not too much blade. I can run my finger over it and barely feel it. Can't see the image on the paper so it's not scoring the paper. Weeds fine.The blade doesn't round the corners and make it stop cutting and change directions. What's more...Does the same thing with the pen in and at all the settings they told me to use. They've agreed that something is wrong... Hell would freeze over before I pay restocking or shipping. There's no way a customer should be out of money because the product was not working correctly. That's why I chose to buy through eBay... Buyer protection. Already spoke with EBay who's told me (literally) "we have your back"They've told me the company will have to pay for shipping (have an RMA already) and they can't charge me restocking (US Cutter has said they would waive it too) Just not sure after today how much I trust them to refund me once I send them this plotter back. They flat out lied and didn't do what they said they would today... And the owner is well aware and hasn't so much as apologized
  5. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    To clarify... 1. There is no overcut on this machine. They did tell me you can calibrate it through an app, and we're supposed to do that, but when he called me he told me they were slammed, 8 people waiting on hold, and sent me instructions to tighten a screw somewhere else (if it needed it). I didn't rank high enough after being sent multiple plotters and parts and having to deal with this after almost 3 weeks 2. This was a test cut directly from the machine. No PC was hooked up. 3. Overcut would help closing the cut potentially but like cut its making out to the left would be there. For the record I DID try overcut... Lots of it There is no overcut or offset settings on the plotter. I was more than willing to try calibrating it but Joe from US Cutter had other ideas in mind and I honestly felt (by his own words) he was more worried about the 8 people on hold. His manager (with Karl Bowman who's yet to return ANY of my calls) told me that the plan was to calibrate it and if we couldn't get it resolved in 10 minutes they'd check one out, make sure it worked right, and overnight it. I was more than happy to do that. I've lost a lot more than I paid for the machine in the past three weeks and just wanted a working plotter but when Joe called me... All of a sudden it was "We're really busy, we are sending a new one, and we can't test it cause we are out of them here in Washington" He also gave me his direct email telling me to email him if I had further issues. Now, we have a new problem. They messaged me telling me I had to pay a 20% restocking fee. WTF They've also told me they won't issue a refund until they get the plotter back. After three days eBay will handle my refund regardless of what they want...but if you look at their F rating with the bbb and read the complaints there and on EBay, they're making money charging for restocking fees because in many cases (I'm sure not all of them - some are definitely operator error) the machine isn't working correctly. Frustrating...
  6. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    User error? How do? They don't even know why it's doing this. I've owned 3 MH's, a Seiki Tech, a Roland Color Camm and a Graphtec over the past 10 years
  7. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    So the plan today was that they were going to work with me to calibrate the machine (not the software) and would test another machine and send it to confirm it was working. Then they called and sent me a pdf to check a screw (went on to tell me how busy they were) and told me they didn't have any in WA so they were sending me one untested from another facility I'm absolutely done with this. Done with US Cutter... And I've told them to refund me my money and send RMA for the machines they keep throwing at the problem Apparently customer service is about as quality as these plotters these days Sad considering I've bought multiple plotters and tons of supplies over the years but they made it pretty apparent my issue wasn't on their list of priorities today
  8. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    I can run my finger over the blade and barely feel it. It's not scoring or marking the paper backing whatsoever... I can go lower but that's not nearly as concerning as the "offset" How do you change the offset on the machine itself? This was done pressing "test cut" on the machine with no PC connected or are you saying it's just inaccurate naturally with the machine and I have to compensate for that (probably caused by the step motor) by adding offset (and probably overcut) Consistency would be nice regardless what the machine costs...
  9. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    So..2nd machine arrived... this is what it does. It's never been connected to a pc. This is just the test cut right from the machine itself Unbelievably upset... It's cutting worse than the first one. The corners aren't even squared, they're rounded off AND when it doesn't close the cut it actually flares out... Close to giving up..... I've lost several jobs cause this has been going on 3 weeks and one of them was a big foot in the door for repeat business </vent completed>
  10. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    So to update... Once again waiting for them to contact me back (manager) I've blown through 5 yards of vinyl (testing), had multiple parts shipped and installed, lost 2 jobs this morning because of not being able to deliver... Steve is not happy...not in the least
  11. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    Yes and with the pen it's not completing anything I send...even test cut straight from the machine
  12. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    Worked with support. I noticed a squeak from the carriage and they want to replace the carriage AND the motherboard. This has always frustrated me about US Cutter... Sending parts for a brand new defective machine but I'm going to try this and see what happens. I appreciate the support but just feels unorthodox having to replace parts myself on a machine not working right out of the box But whatever... I just want it fixed even if I have to take it apart and do it myself. More to follow when the parts get here...
  13. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    I've heard this through the years, but never really understood where you'd put it. Not convinced 100% on this method just yet either
  14. Vermonster

    MH 721 - not closing cuts

    well, messed with the setting (not the blade depth) and moved the overcut up to .350 and that seems MUCH better, though I do hear a slight squeak when the carriage slides back and forth. Cleaned out the track a little but still doing it. Wondering if I put some lithium grease (tiny bit) on a q-tip and slide it in the tracks if that will help the sound? I can't imagine having friction is good for those nylon wheels, or for cutting.