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  1. diverse designz

    First Banner Pricing Advice

    wild goose and E L designs, are those prices for printed or vinyl banners?
  2. diverse designz

    two machines

    I have a uscutter with sure Cuts A Lot Pro 4. I am interested in purchasing a second cutter and I'm curious if I can run both cutters of 1 software installation
  3. diverse designz

    issue with download

    Open font folder and click and drag from zip file
  4. diverse designz

    scal pro 4 not saving settings

    Just set up the software on my desktop. Im running windows 7 and im having issues with the software saving my settings. For an example i saved a custom mat size and after closing and reopening it has not saved. I have software installed on my laptop running windows 8.1 with no problem. One more thing... the software freezes up and stops working entirely, i then have to restart and of course the project im working on is gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. diverse designz


    Nice work !
  6. diverse designz

    Follow up from Need Help Post

    Nice !
  7. diverse designz

    Cutter stops mid cut all of a sudden

    thank you mz skeeter, and haha dakotagrafx. you two have a good night
  8. diverse designz

    Cutter stops mid cut all of a sudden

    MZ Skeeter, I intended on using a serial cable when i set up, but the port is on the wrong side of my cutter based on the location of my desktop and would not reach my desktop. I will do so now. I am also installing the ground cable. all the things i should have done from the start. UPDATE...I just downloaded the latest pro 4 version and did a test cut with absolutely NO problem. But you better believe after reading these forums and all the great wisdom you lady's and gents share i will be setting up properly from here on out ! Iif you have anymore hints, tips or tricks im always here to listen, or read...lol question; What is a tripplite keyspan adapter? thank you in advance shane
  9. diverse designz

    Cutter stops mid cut all of a sudden

    Hi all, I have had this same problem twice and both times I have had to call support and have them remotely connect to my computer to make changes for me. Yesterday i had the problem once again so a total of three times... so i came back to this awesome forum to update you on my latest episode. I tried the ground method which is something i did not know about but is very good information. however it didn't work.. I also did the normal which included disconnecting the main power, shutting of machine and removing the usb cord. I also used two different computers just in case something was wrong with my laptop. so i wait until customer service is open on Monday all while loosing jobs this weekend. I am starting to think i need TWO of everything in case of these very situations. ( only in my dreams...lol) have a good rest of the weekend guys and gals
  10. diverse designz

    Garage Wall part II, Best Part

    Nice indeed. What type of vinyl did you use ?
  11. diverse designz

    yesterday's work

    Thats really awesome, is that your artwork ?
  12. diverse designz

    So much skill so small the machine....

    Thats awesome
  13. diverse designz

    Some cutting boards

    I am impressed, i would have never thought of cutting boards. I agree, They would make great gifts. Good job guys and gal's !
  14. diverse designz

    small cut with SC model

    Very cool. Nice decal choice
  15. diverse designz

    First shirts

    awesome name and good work !