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  1. Very nice. I like the company name. Very creative
  2. Foghorn12

    How Legit are your businesses?

    Talk to your accountant about it. That's actually something we're going to do today to make sure everything is in good standing. Where in Ohio are you located?
  3. yeah screen printing might be your best bet. With all the weeding and the cost of material you'd probably need to sell them for $13.50 or more to make a profit. You'd be looking at $4050 for 300. And even then with all the work you'd put in i'm not sure $4000 would even be worth the work. And this is just for ready to apply vinyl. If you are supplying a substrate then the price will obviously go up. Anyone know of a good screen printer on here? We're getting equipment but it won't be in for a couple weeks. Good luck!
  4. Foghorn12

    3 ft. by 6 ft. banner

    We'd be at $189
  5. Foghorn12

    Updating my logo...

    Honestly I really like the original. I think it's easier to read. But if you have your heart set on updating then the first is my favorite. I think the outline and drop shadow of the second one hinder visibility. I really like the layout. You did well
  6. Foghorn12

    Door Graphic

    THAT IS AWESOME! Very cool idea. I may have to do something like this in my recording studio.
  7. Foghorn12


    We'd be at about $67 each installed.
  8. $100-110 here. but it all depends on location
  9. Foghorn12

    My first design cut

    Be careful, this is addicting. Go have fun with it!
  10. Foghorn12

    Refreshed an old sign

    Thanks. I tried talking them into having the white reflective but they didn't want to spend more than they had to. Still alot more effective than before. As you can see you couldn't even read it.
  11. Foghorn12

    Fun with 631 exhibition vinyl

    Thats awesome. I've used wrong app tape before with 631 and that would have been a nightmare with the thin lines. In fact, I probably would have given up. lol I don't do enough work with 631 to buy the right app tape. Very nice work.
  12. Foghorn12

    My First Store Front Vinyl

    you did a nice job. Looks great especially for dry app. Would have been around $250 for those but as long as you made a profit more power to ya.
  13. Foghorn12

    Refreshed an old sign

    This sign has needed replaced for over 3 years. I worked there until 2006 and it needed replacement then. My old boss caught wind of what I was doing now and he contacted me. I used the original aluminum sign and covered it with white cast vinyl and lettered with 651. They love it and I got paid. another happy customer and money in the bank. good day
  14. Foghorn12

    new one

    I like that a lot! Great work
  15. Foghorn12

    Boat I did this weekend

    Very nice