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  1. MaderDesign

    Need help identifying

    Hey guys need some help identifying this font. Thanks!
  2. This why I hate trying to compete for jobs, or having customers come in saying, well so and so is only charging this. You're hurting yourself in the long run and don't even know it yet. Not to mention hurting everyone in the industry (maybe not hurting "Everyone" but maybe others around you. Charge a fair and reasonable price if anything. If i were to print, cut a 42x3" design and only make $7.40, I would give up and quit. I'm glad you're taking the time to make a calculator but please do yourself a favor, make a profit.
  3. MaderDesign

    Kettle Corn & "Like This." Printed Decals

    looks good guest, too bad the guy is trying to rip your off on the facebook stickers. putterspitt, quit being lazy and make it, take like 5 minutes to complete.
  4. MaderDesign

    Di-Noc on my daughters laptop

    Di-noc is a great product. I've done a bunch of roof and various car interior piece wraps with it. Holds up great and looks great. Only thing it misses is the glossy resin coating. Other than that, love it. Btw looks great on the laptop.
  5. MaderDesign

    New Motocross Jerseys

    Business is steady, I haven't really found a use or need for the press yet. But graphics are still rolling in. Also had a street bike wrap I finished. Indoor season is right around the corner and planning on taking the enclosed trailer up and start becoming a paying vendor. Too many bikes and atv's up there to not make money. Not to mention the trailer wraps and other things I offer. Hope everything goes well on your end this year.
  6. MaderDesign

    Convert from .cdr to .ai/.eps?

    Thank you sir
  7. MaderDesign

    Convert from .cdr to .ai/.eps?

    I was wondering if someone with Corel Draw could convert this to .ai or .eps for me? Thanks, Drew
  8. MaderDesign

    iPhone - Vinyl "Death Grip" Protector

    I just bought a bumper, quick fix and looks nice. But I am printing and designing iPhone 4 skins by the dozens. People can't get enough. Love my iPhone 4
  9. MaderDesign

    My first layering project.

    lol, don't go cheap... Sometimes the little touches is what makes or breaks a design. I'd honestly go back and add them. It wouldn't cost very much at all to add the tiny pieces.
  10. MaderDesign

    My first layering project.

    But a yellow sun on a white background will not show up as well. Maybe add bits of yellow inside the flames to get a true sense of heat and flame.
  11. MaderDesign

    New Motocross Jerseys

    RPM, they always look great man, how's business coming along?
  12. MaderDesign

    Looking for advice on sign construction

    Wow thats a great site. Gonna double check with her and go ahead and order. Will these work with the post and panel kit posts? I like the idea how they just slide in. Wasn't sure if i could just buy the posts and piece this together.
  13. MaderDesign

    Looking for advice on sign construction

    hmm, thanks for the input Banner. I wondered that myself, i figured the paint would just fade super quick. That's why i was thinking PVC might be the best way to go.
  14. MaderDesign

    Looking for advice on sign construction

    I'll have to check those out preston, I was going to go with treated lumber and paint it if I did go with wood. But the PVC sign kit sounds a bit better of an idea. Thanks, i'll look into this.
  15. MaderDesign

    Looking for advice on sign construction

    25 views and not a soul to help? Signs101 it is lol