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  1. JoeBlow

    Sea-Doo Zombie ride!

    I'd think twice about using Vindex for cleaning anything you're applying vinyl to it contains Ammonia and can effect the adhesive
  2. JoeBlow

    Grumpy Cat

  3. Today I recieved an email from USCutter on their "Weekly Specials" advertising GAP ScrapeRite plastic Razor (50-Pack)s @ $13.56. As soon as I clicked to make a purchase it jumped from $13.56 to $14.41, I wasn't game to go any futher incase the price went any higher. Joe Blow
  4. Hi,

    I see you've sent me a message but I can't access it.


    Lindsay (Joe Blow)

  5. JoeBlow

    I can't find the words

    Michael Jackson has a lot to answer for :)
  6. JoeBlow

    Font Organizer
  7. JoeBlow


    If you go down the lists of vinyl for sale on eBay and check how many are actually selling and what the percentage is, I think you'll find that you are not alone by any means. Joe
  8. JoeBlow

    plug ins????
  9. JoeBlow

    Is there any...

    Hi jay you're right but I've found the actual connection will also cause problems at the PC. Often USB mouse will go missing and previous USB printers I've had played up. Although the last couple of Inkjet printers I had have been USB and I've had no problems with either of those. I now pinch the male USB connection to make it fit a bit firmer that seems to help. Joe
  10. I recommend glasses :D Joe
  11. JoeBlow

    Is there any...

    Kimon I can't see how you guys can recommend a Keyspan adapter when uses the exact same USB connection. It's the physical USB connection male to female plug loosing contact that causes the drop-out. A serial connection is far more positive, stable and trouble free. If the PC doesn't have a serial connection use a serial card. Joe
  12. JoeBlow

    no soft ware code

    Just download SignBlazer (Free) and that will get you started. Joe
  13. JoeBlow

    gmc slyclone

    Brands of the World
  14. JoeBlow

    Cutting way bigger than I told it to
  15. Darin when it cuts in the same place each time it's usually an open path. I don't know what program it was created in you said you used Inkscape to re-do it. Inkscape traces the image therefore tracing over the open path that is why it was ok when it was re-done using Inkscape. When you look for an open path it is quite often not where the stray cut is occurring but somewhere else. That fools most people because that's where they are looking for the problem to be. The plotter is reading the data ahead of what it's cutting then finds an open path and makes the stray cut. Joe