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  1. darkwatergraphics

    First shirts

    Awesome Job !! And Welcome to the T-Shirt Making World
  2. darkwatergraphics

    Some cutting boards

    Great Job !! They look really good
  3. darkwatergraphics

    Solar UV Transfer For Shirt

    Here is a couple of the Solar UV Transfer Graphics I Did on T-Shirts
  4. darkwatergraphics

    Decals for a window tint business

    Thanks for helping and telling me
  5. darkwatergraphics

    Decals for a window tint business

    Crap !! lol Thanks I'm glad that it wasn't on the decal and just my own sticker logo ...
  6. darkwatergraphics

    Decals for a window tint business

    Decals I did for a window tint business
  7. darkwatergraphics

    Graphtec wow

    Yes it is I have two Plotters One is an MH 871 by Us Cutters Cheaper but did the trick when i was first getting started an paid for it self in less then 6 months Then I step up and got an GraphTech 3000-60 and It does wonderful even though its an 24 inch Plotter...
  8. darkwatergraphics

    Local Rescue Squad Logo

    Here is one of our local Rescue Squad Logo's i did. As you can see to the left it cut it off little fix it now bur just wanted to share this as It great not only to be able to cut these graphics as I'm a Firefighter and Rescue Diver as well . Thanks again..
  9. darkwatergraphics

    Couple Local Sign For Business

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted anything in a long time. Though I would share a few signs I have done lately . Thanks again for everyone support over the yrs First one Local Family Walk-IN Clinic Sign Secord One is Famil Defense System Sign
  10. darkwatergraphics

    Window Graphic For Local Business

    I have two Plotters now. One is an 36" Inch MH871 from US Cutters and The second one is an 24" Inch SSK Designtech60 which is made by Graphic tec . Software I'm using Sign Blazer Elements And Flex Pro 8.1 Then Vector Magic to draw everything out too an AI or ESP File. Thanks again for the comment if you need any esp files I have about 15,000 + willing to trade
  11. darkwatergraphics

    Window Graphic For Local Business

    Window Graphic For Local Business
  12. darkwatergraphics

    can someone walk me thru the steps on "wet application"

    here are a couple files that hopefully help you out Wet Install Guide.pdf Dry Install Guide.pdf
  13. darkwatergraphics


    I use mind on my Droid X and its great. Very happy with the services. and its alot better then having to have credit card machines
  14. darkwatergraphics

    Getting back into the viynl graphics business

    Haha! Well before when I cut an graphics and posted it people always ask me if i would share so I though that how it is still Thanks for the reply though
  15. Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in a very good bit. Been busy being a Firefighter and basically been letting my machines build up dust. I'm trying to get back focus and start doing graphics again I first start this as just a little side deal and something to do. Now I'm starting to get people wanting more and more graphics. I don't know how to really start marketing or getting my name out there. I always just done it word of mouth before. If anyone can help me out i don't mine shareing Esp File I have about 81,000 and adding more all the time. Thanks again