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    Canvas Printing on the HP T770

    hiya, just purchased a Hp T770 and was wanting to know if anyone out there prints canvas on one? if so could you please recommend a profile for canvas please. Cheers Dee
  2. for those who would like or have requested this, here ya go.... horse jumper.eps
  3. hi all, just got a sub set up and cannot get a decent print, does anyone have an Epson icc profile for sub inks please?? thank you
  4. dee10w

    Epson workforce 7110 icc required please

    Hiya trying to do a mug with a black background, what settings would you suggest please, sorry to be a pain. ruined about 5 mugs so far, the print is just washed out and not at all black as it should be. thank you.
  5. dee10w

    Epson workforce 7110 icc required please

    hiya, thank you so much for your advice on this matter Macon, worked really well and im more than happy and so greatful thank you, done about 20 perfect mugs this evening... will post some pics when I get a chance. :-)
  6. dee10w

    Epson workforce 7110 icc required please

    cool thank you I will give that a go, what software you printing with?
  7. dee10w

    Epson workforce 7110 icc required please

    what settings are you printing with macon ??
  8. dee10w

    Epson workforce 7110 icc required please

    the place where I brought it want to charge me for it,
  9. hiyall, I live in the U.K and about to venture on a world wide canvas printing service, due to the postage prices here in the U.K is there anyone willing within the industry to print and package canvases for us, hopefully this will be a great success and beneficial to all involved, please p.m me with what you could do for us and I will explain in more detail. thank you in advance dee.
  10. Hi All, does anyone out there have a wiring diagram please for the mh series plotter, stupidly i disconnected the mother board without marking the wires, i have a new mother board on the way and dont want to kill that one.. here is the board just need where everthing goes to please... Thank you in advance .. Dee
  11. hiya after getting rid of the Mimaki as i could not afford to fix it i now have a HP5500ps running bulk ink, Does anyone on here still run one as im having a few probs with media/ink compatabilities, if some one could shed some light on info that would be ace, cheers dee
  12. hi, just wanted to pick your brains, i have 4 ss21 cartridges with loads of ink left, as my Mimaki is now worth nothing i have a friend who has a cjv130 and he runs ES3 cartridges, would the ss21 inks mix ok with the ES3 ones, or would the system have to be flushed??? any help would be welcome please, thank you.
  13. dee10w

    Mimaki jv33 major issues

    Darn thats me screwed then.... thanks anyhow guys, yeah the head will be flushed clean and stored. gutted was just getting some really good trade with the printer too... back to vinyl cut i guess...
  14. dee10w

    Mimaki jv33 major issues

    hi yall, been a while since ive been on here hope ya all well, i have a major issue with our jv33, whilst printing yesterday one of the cartridges ran out and never switched over so sucked it dry, anyways lost the magenta completely, done all the usual pulling the ink through with two syringe's at the same time on the dampers with the solinoids open at the cartridge end so no air was left, done soft, hard, normal cleans,several times still nothing, done fills and soaks even purged cleaning fluid through the heads very slowly and there not blocked, had the capping station changed last year with the pump, well things just got worse got a head error msg and now does not even switch on, just makes a sizzling sound and turns off, found a lot if ink on the data ribbons that go into the head, took the head off and cleaned every part there was some ink that had gotten ink that had gotten into the circuit, so what im thinking is the main board fried, head fried or what can anyone help please. cheers dee
  15. Hiya if you require the redsail driver let me know and i will email it to you, its good to share... ;D
  16. Hi'all, just wondering if anyone out there has or has had any experience of this printer, it says on the tin in can print on vinyl, Laminating isnt a problem but just wanted to know what kind of quality this machine outputs, also what would be the best RIP to use or is the standard software sufficient??
  17. dee10w

    advice on a HP Z2100 designjet please

    Thats great info sue thank you, love the sign, great to show what you are getting to customers, was that printed onto just normal vinyl?
  18. Shes only 2 1/2 bless her and threw the biggest tantrum when i asked for the masking tape back, Mine she say's... you gotta love them.
  19. Hiyall, just wondering if any of you out there have had a problem with a summa D160se when i load media it says ..."please switch off power... pinch rollers not detected" and wont do a thing....
  20. dee10w

    Mimaki jv33 HELP NEEDED PLEASE.

    Hi'yall, got a problem with the jv33, was printing fine yesterday with no problems at all, shut it down for the day and went to it today and it keep tripping out when turned on?, the lcd will display boot and after around 5 seconds the ink side of the printer clicks then cuts out, then it will reset itself after about 2 minutes. can anyone please help?? Dee
  21. dee10w

    Hi from the uk

    is the driver properly installed?
  22. dee10w

    Hi from the uk

    hi from the isle of wight... you operational yet?
  23. dee10w

    todays quick install

    sweet :-}
  24. dee10w

    Vinyl Stickers/Decals UK

    nah i would dream of exchanging via here..
  25. dee10w

    Making Offensive decals

    just look at t-shirt these guys sell loads of t-shirts that are really offensive and i guess reaping the benefits from it too. Really at the end of the day its your call, I will print most things but there are exceptions and lines that should not be crossed, words are words no more that you hear down your local watering hole, or walking down the street, most kids probably say worse in the school yard anyway, Images are a different ball game altogether....