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  1. TimnAng

    Logo attempt

    Hmm, sorry to say, I'm with your wife on this one! While it would look good with a little tweaking, I'm not sure that scissors work to express what we do. Sure, we use scissors, (probably every single time we do a job) But, we also use weeding tools, squeegees, etc- and I don't think we'd make any of those things a focal point on a company logo.
  2. TimnAng

    Catching up!

    Thanks Slice, I'll check it out.
  3. TimnAng

    Catching up!

    Yes, I left to spend a 4 day weekend in up North, on July 4th... and ended up staying until this past Sunday. Love it up there, wouldn't have come back, if it were up to me!
  4. TimnAng

    Catching up!

    I've been gone for nearly 3wks, and boy do I have a lot to catch up on around here. Hope you all are enjoying your Summer, and business is treating you well!
  5. TimnAng

    Cutter Upgrade

    It seems that I had heard that it doesn't work with "hobby cutters" like those anymore. I know that I used to use it on my Wishblade & on my Cricut, but they changed things. So, I'm really not sure. I find it a pretty easy program to feel my way around though, so if you waited until you upgraded your cutter, to get the program, I still think you'd be fine and pick it up pretty quickly.
  6. TimnAng

    Cutter Upgrade

    Definitely buy a stand, regardless of what cutter you decide to go with! I can't even imagine doing these jobs, without one. I originally began my cutting using a Wishblade, and then a Cricut, both for 95% paper projects due to my scrapbooking addiction! We did a few small projects out of vinyl, using those cutters, but hubby wanted to make a business of cutting vinyl, so that's when we upgraded to the MH. As I said, we've been very happy with it, and it didn't take any adjusting at all, to go from those other cutters, to this one. Learning the cutting software is the biggest challenge, and I knew a decent amount about that, from doing my paper cuts... which I'm sure you do as well.
  7. TimnAng

    Cutter Upgrade

    I have the MH, and we've had great luck with it so far. I was very worried, reading about all of the problems that others have had, but I don't regret the decision to buy it. We've already made our money back on it, and then some... Eventually I'd love to upgrade, but I have no complaints so far.
  8. TimnAng

    Corel plugin???

    Sorry... I do use SCALP, but I don't use Corel. So, I'm no help!
  9. TimnAng

    Another truck

    Looks nice!
  10. TimnAng

    Rounding corners ??

    There's a shape option, in those shapes, there's already a rounded rectangle. You can just delete the rectangle you have, and make a new one with rounded corners.
  11. TimnAng

    fonts downloaded from dafont

    I've never had a problem with my new fonts showing up in SCALP, as long as after downloading them, I open and install them. Once that's done & I re-open SCALP, they've always shown up.
  12. TimnAng

    little something i came up with

    I made one similar... except that it says "Keep Calm & Carry". Anything gun related has been pretty popular around here. I'm STILL getting orders for the Michigan Mitt with the gun.
  13. I grabbed the garage sale designs... thanks for sharing!
  14. There's big money to be saved... and had, in the couponing world! I haven't ventured there, as the extreme couponing really takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. Kudos to anyone that has the patience for it! Sorry things didn't work out so well on your end! We have a "Holiday craft show" coming up at the local high school in November, and hubby and I have been tossing around the idea of renting a table. Not sure how well decals will sell at something like that. Maybe if we are doing hats, mugs, etc by then. We've also been invited to join a swap meet at a gun club, the end of July. It's a 2hr drive, but free to set up, so we may do that one. We haven't quite decided.
  15. TimnAng

    Bolt action rifle

    Grabbed it. Thanks!