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  1. Ill look into the issue of the version of windows but im currently on windows 7 so i dont know if it will make a difference. Also should I not be using sure cuts a lot? I hear of all these other programs and i wonder if that is the issue. Im just using it because it came with the deal I got on the cutter. I appreciate all the help. Ill keep messing around with blade length but I honestly don't think thats it because i have done all these paper/vinyl drag tests. What would you say the average pressure should be or starting pressure?
  2. I did activate my software and I don't think its a watermark because it happens between cuts, like it doesn't lift up high enough, instead it drags across the material. Could the pressure not be set right? or maybe the scroll is too low to start? Thanks for all the help!!
  3. 23ccc

    LaserPoint 2 Blade Doesn't Lift when cutting

    Having the same problem, any solutions?
  4. Hey guys. Excited to get involved in this forum and begin making contributions. I have a question however, I have found somewhat related topics but not exactly what I'm experiencing. Basically, I am having trouble with the blade height. I did all the tests on vinyl and paper. I also ran a test cut with paper and the pen tool. When I put the blade on and run the test shape, it seems like the blade isn't being picked up off the material when it shouldn't be cutting, basically, at the end of the cut, it drags back over the prior cuts. My pressure is set to 120g and when I set the blade, i made sure it could really only cut though a single piece of paper. To me it seems like an issue of how high the scroller is set itself, is there a way to calibrate that? Thanks so much, and i apologize if this isn't the correct place for this.