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  1. sdgirl

    Some subbed koozies

    I know this is an old post, but I am trying to do some koozies, and have found that when I press them they are getting shinny like the ones in this photo. Is there a way to eliminate that? I am at the lightest pressure I can be. I have thought about learning to screen-printing just to avoid this. There is an attachment I can buy for my press that is for koozies, so there has to be a way to do it with out being shiny right?
  2. sdgirl

    Forever paper w/sublimation ink

    Cricut sells one as well that is 95% polyester, but they are expensive compared to cotton.
  3. sdgirl

    Forever paper w/sublimation ink

    I will have to look into the thicker brand. I am not to found of the see through ones that I got!
  4. sdgirl

    Forever paper w/sublimation ink

    Thank you Wildgoose. Looking more into it, it seems to be more of a 2 step transfer paper type of thing. It isn't like the jetpro but it doesn't seem like the ink actually goes into the shirt like regular sublimation paper. I could be wrong , still looking into it. I have a few people that want pictures and designs that is just easier doing this way then with vinyl.
  5. Hello, I am venturing into the sublimation side of the business. I have been reading several posts on here about different techniques etc. One thing I have thought I learned from here is that in order to sublimation on clothing it has to be at least 65% polyester and white or silver. Now I find at UScutter this FOREVER Subli Flex 202 Sublimation Paper for Dark and Cotton Garments. Has anyone tried this with any luck? I would still be willing to use the polyester blend if it actually works on darker colors. If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate your feedback before I might waste my time and money! Thank you, Christi
  6. sdgirl

    sign blazer in 2019 need a down load that works

    Thank you so much! I just purchased a new computer and couldn't find a link that would. I think I also read that it wouldn't work with windows 10. Your link worked perfect for me! I so didn't want to have to learn a new cutting software when I have been using SB for years.
  7. sdgirl

    Font help please

    Thank you Mark-s!
  8. sdgirl

    Font help please

    I have been looking in for hours. I have also looked in and it can't find this one. I don't know if they added the tails to the first and last letter? Thanks for the help.
  9. sdgirl

    font help please

    My reply didn't go through. Thank You it worked out good!
  10. sdgirl

    font help please

    I am looking for this font on the wood. Thank you, Christi
  11. sdgirl

    cobra ink epson printers

    Thank you.
  12. sdgirl

    cobra ink epson printers

    I know this is an old post, but the only one I found talking about the smaller epson printers. I have the wf1100 and it is clogged to no fixing it due to a move and it being in storage. I am looking into getting another printer to replace. It wf1100 is no longer available. Can any inkjet printers use the pigment ink? It looks like for the wider/longer printing options out there now are the wf 7710 and 7720? Has anyone seen or tried out the ecotank et2720? it has no tanks? Could you just put cobra ink in there? Thanks, Christi
  13. sdgirl

    Font Help

  14. sdgirl

    Font Help

    Does anyone know what these fonts are on the back of the shirt? Thanks, Christi
  15. Thanks. I thought i had done it before, but it had been awhile.