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  1. TaterNuts

    Back at it...

    Hi everyone, I used to be a big deal on these forums several years ago... Actually, used to be a moderator. Also made a driver for the Refine to work with some cut programs. Long story short, got out of it but always still kept my equipment. Hopefully Ill be back at it in no time, Hope to get help, and give help when I can!
  2. TaterNuts

    screen printing for dummies.

    Looks like too much work to me...
  3. TaterNuts

    Can Someone Help Me??

    Eric's Decals and Banners Banners by Eric Banners and More Or just come up with something catchy...
  4. TaterNuts

    trying some etching for the first time...

    Looks Good!
  5. TaterNuts

    Bowling shirt done

    Oh okay... Just curious
  6. TaterNuts

    Kettle Corn & "Like This." Printed Decals

    I believe the facebook thumbs up is trademark of facebook... Any reproduction without there written authorization is considered trademark infringment.
  7. TaterNuts

    couple of blasted mugs from tonight

    Mugs look great!
  8. TaterNuts

    Bowling shirt done

    Just wondering why you made a diffrent style shirt for the female..
  9. TaterNuts

    large graphic application

    Wow, this thread is old................
  10. TaterNuts

    Winpcsign problem

    If winpcsign ever acts weird, do this... Start>Programs>WinPCSign>Tools>WinPCSign Registry. Highlight, click delete, Dont worry... It wont hurt anything, then restart WinPCSign.. Should be up and running again!
  11. TaterNuts

    WinPC Sign? Can I use this from another cutter???

    I myself got my WinPCSign bundled with another brand cutter, Master Brand. I got it awhile ago, however it only came bundled with drivers for the master brand plotter... Mine, which is version 12, letter edition, did not even come with a dongle. However, the demo version available on the net, has ALL the drivers with it... They install pretty much the same, It is possible to copy the drivers from the demo, into the Full version, and have all the drivers available for you to use. Im not 100% on the dongle or if it looks for a paticular brand cutter or not, I Dont believe that it would... Theres a reason why it is a cheaper version as it probably only has drivers for one selected plotter
  12. TaterNuts

    WinPcSign program...

    Most OEM versions of the WinPCSign program did not come with a dongle. The version I have is OEM WinPCSign Letter 12, No dongle..., however drivers are only available for the Cutter that came with the software... The only thing that resembles a serial number is actually right on the CD.
  13. TaterNuts

    Todays stuff